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Welcome to the Connecticut Association of Higher Education and Disability (CT AHEAD) website. CT AHEAD has a membership of disability professionals that represent a considerable depth of knowledge and experience in supporting students with disabilities in higher education settings. The purposes of CT AHEAD are:

  1. To develop communication, cooperation, and coordination among institutions of higher education on issues relating to individuals with disabilities;
  2. To promote public awareness of the needs and issues of individuals with disabilities;
  3. To support institutions in balancing academic integrity with academic accommodations;
  4. To work with other professional, public and private agencies and consumers to promote institutional and statewide initiatives to meet the educational needs of individuals with disabilities;
  5. To collaborate with secondary schools and employers to facilitate transition to, and from, post-secondary education and public and private businesses;
  6. To provide professional development for Association members and other professionals working within this field;
  7. To promote and support policies (e.g. admission, staffing and accommodations) which increase access and opportunity in higher education for individuals with disabilities; and,
  8. To promote systematic data collection to gather information across institutions for enhancing knowledge and awareness of factors relating to post-secondary education for individuals with disabilities.

The purpose of this website is to educate students, parents and professionals about various services offered by Connecticut colleges and universities and about conferences and other activities. The professional members of CT AHEAD are committed to the principle that people with disabilities have the same access and academic opportunities as students without disabilities, to create a "level playing field."

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