Disability Identity Studies & Culture Knowledge & Practice Community

Mission Statement

The AHEAD Disability, Identity, Studies, and Culture Knowledge and Practice Community (DISC K & P) integrates disability identity and cultural practices informed by Disability Studies. The DISC K & P provides resources, webinars, concurrent sessions and an online community focused on utilizing Disability Studies perspectives as a foundation for service provision and to inform and promote Disability Identity and Cultural practices in Higher Education.

Suggested Reading

  • Bending Over Backwards by Lennard Davis
  • Claiming Disability by Simi Linton Disability
  • A Life Course Approach by Mark Priestley (Polity Press)
  • Disability and the Media by Charles A Riley II (University Press of New England)
  • Disability Studies edited by Snyder, Brueggelmann, Garland-Thomson
  • Enforcing Normalcy by Lennard Davis
  • Extraordinary Bodies by Rosemarie Garland Thomson
  • GLQ: Desiring Disability: Queer Theory Meets Disability Studies published by Duke University Press
  • Learning Outside the Lines by Jonathan Mooney and David Cole (Fireside)
  • Mental Retardation in America, A Historical Reader Edited by Steven Noll and James W. Trent Jr. (NYU Press)
  • My Sense of Silence by Lennard Davis
  • The Body and Physical Difference (Discourses of Disability) Edited by David T. Mitchell and Sharon L. Snyder (University of Michigan Press)
  • The Difference That Disability Makes by Rod Michalko (Temple UP)
  • The New Disability History edited by Paul Longmore and Lauri Umansky
  • Voices from the Edge edited by Ruth O'Brien
  • Why I Burned My Book and other Essays on Disability by Paul Longmore (Temple University Press)
  • Disability and the Media by Beth Haller
  • Don’t Call Me Inspirational by Harilyn Rousso

Suggested Films

FILMS (contemporary)

  • Voices of the ADA Generation (New Window) 
  • A Beautiful Mind (psychiatric)
  • Children of a Lesser God (deafness)
  • Dirty Filthy Love (Tourettes, OCD)
  • Garden State (seizure disorder)
  • Million Dollar Baby (neck/spinal cord)
  • The Miracle Worker (deaf/blind)
  • My Left Foot (CP) Ray (blindness)
  • The Piano (deafness)
  • The Sea Inside (neck/spinal cord)
  • The Aviator (OCD)

FILMS (old classics)

  • Elephant Man (congenital abnormality)
  • Hunchback of Notre Dame (mobility)
  • Phantom of the Opera (burn disfigurement)
  • The Beast with Five Fingers (stroke)