Private Colleges Knowledge & Practice Community

K&P Chairs:


Q: What is considered a private college?
A: Private colleges and universities are any private schools open to the public. Title III of the ADAAA applies to these schools.

Q: Why should I join this group?
A: Private colleges are a special niche within higher education. This special interest group addresses the unique nature of private colleges and issues that we encounter. Although many of the school which participate in this group are small schools with one or two-person offices, and some of the DS professionals have additional responsibilities outside of their role as a DS provider, this group invites private colleges of all types and sizes to join.


The Private Colleges Knowledge & Practice Community offers AHEAD members representing private colleges and universities an opportunity to create a network of DS providers at these types of schools and address the issues and concerns unique to our institutions. This group serves as an advocate for private colleges and informs the AHEAD administration of issues relevant to us.