ADA Coordinators Special Interest Group

"As social movements mature, they begin to look beyond the letter of the law, which emphasizes ethics and values, and promulgate systemic changes in attitudes, behaviors and institutional structures." - Leslie Kanes Weisman

ADA SIG Chairs:

Gabriel Merrell
Director, Access and Affirmative Action, Deputy ADA Coordinator
Oregon State University


Tina Vires
Director of Disability Services
Georgia State University

Emily Lucio

Mission & Goals


The mission of the ADA Special Interest Group is to support ADA Coordinators and other disability service providers in their efforts to ensure access to postsecondary programs and facilities for individuals with disabilities.


  • The ADA SIG will maintain a forum to share strategies, resources, policies, procedures and practices that address both the letter and the spirit of the Americans with Disabilities Act, Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act, and other mandates.
  • The ADA SIG will identify and share resources that are relevant to our work with diverse populations including, but not limited to students (dual credit, credit, non-credit), employees, administrators, campus guests, and community members.
  • The ADA SIG will meet during the annual International AHEAD Conference. Check the program schedule for meeting time and location.
The content of this website is provided by ADA SIG participants for educational purposes and does not necessarily reflect the position of AHEAD and does not constitute a legal opinion.