Important Alert from AHEAD's Standing Committee on Public Policy: H.R. 620

By Jeremy Jarrell posted 10 days ago

Next week, the House will be voting on a bill, H.R. 620, that would undermine the protections of the ADA and take away the rights of people with disabilities.  Please call your Representative and ask them to #VoteNo and #ProtectTheADA 

Important points:

  • H.R. 620 will take away the civil rights of people with disabilities
  • It will make people with disabilities wait for up to 180 days for services that other people have immediate access to
  • The wait may be even longer than 180 days because a business that is making "substantial progress" toward fixing a problem can take even longer than 180 days
  • H.R. 620 will eliminate the need for businesses to be accessible until a complaint is received; there will be no need to make a business accessible until someone complains; that will mean many groups building new buildings, renovating buildings, opening new businesses will not make their services accessible
  • H.R. 620 shifts the burden of accessibility from those who offer services to the person with a disability; no other group needs to prove their right to access to publicly offered services
  • We should not be gutting the rights of people with disabilities; if there is a problem, we should be limiting the actions of a small number of lawyers who are bad actors
  • H.R. 620 will take away the civil rights of people with disabilities; would we ever think about eliminating the rights of any other group of Americans? This is disgraceful.

You can find more information from our colleagues at Disability Rights Education and Defense Fund (DREDF) about the myths and realities of this bill: