Concurrent Sessions Block 1

Wednesday, July 22nd 11:30 am-1:00

#1.1 Paving the
Road to DAISY - Creating Student Ready Accessible Materials
Ron Stewart, AHEAD

#1.2 Universal Design
and Assistive Technology: A Holistic Approach to Post-secondary Education
Sarah Jacobin, West
Virginia University

1.2 Handout 1.pdf

1.2 Handout 2.pdf

1.2 Handout 3.pdf

1.2 Handout 4.pdf

1.2 Handout 5.pdf

1.2 Powerpoint Text Universal Design.rtf

1.2 Powerpoint Universal Design.pd

#1.3 Reframing Disability
for Equity and Inclusion
Sue Kroeger, University
of Arizona

Real Numbers and Implications for Interventions: The Prevalence of Disability
on Campus
Roger Smith, University
of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Aura Hirschman,
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

#1.5 Riding a Tightrope:
University Policies vs. Needs of Students with Chronic Illness
Lynn Royster, DePaul
Patricia Fennell,
Albany Health Management Associates, Inc
Paula Kravitz, DePaul

1.5 Powerpoint 2 Chronic Illness.pdf

1.5 Powerpoint 2 Text Chronic Illness.rtf

1.5 Powerpoint Riding a Tightrope.pdf

1.5 Powerpoint Text Riding the Tightrope.rtf

#1.6 What’s in
a Name: Disability within Diversity
Ruth Warick, University
of British Columbia
Janet Mee, University
of British Columbia
Kelly Leonard, Purdue

1.6 Powerpoint Whats in a Name.pdf

1.6 Powerpoint Text Whats in a Name.rtf

#1.7 Symposium:
Israel’s Unique Response to Meet the Needs of Adults with LD/ADHD
in Higher Education Part I
Susan Vogel, Northern
Illinois University
Guy Finkelstein,
Association for the Advancement of Higher Education

1.7 Powerpoint Israel Symposium.pdf

1.7 Powerpoint Symposium.pdf

1.7 Powerpoint Text Israel Symposium.rtf

1.7 Powerpoint Text Symposium.rtf

Guy Finkelstein Powerpoint.pdf

Guy Finklestein Powerpoint Text.rtf

#1.8 Symposium:
Students with Disabilities in the STEM Majors

1.8 Powerpoint Captioning.pdf

1.8 Powerpoint Captioning.rtf

Midwest Alliance
In Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) - Opportunities
for Students with Disabilities
Jay K. Martin, University
of Wisconsin-Madison

Captioning &
Interpreting for STEM Students Using Cyberinfrastructure: A Recommendation
E. William Clymer,
James J. DeCaro,

#1.9 Transition
Spectrum: Intentional Planning to Engage and Open the World of Opportunities
Bea Awoniyi, Florida
State University
Lyla Crawford, University
of Washington
Patricia Richter,
Kutztown University
Andy Snuggs, Florida
State University

#1.10 Serving Wounded
Warriors: Current Practices
Mary Lee Vance,
University of Wisconsin, Superior
Wayne Miller, University
of Connecticut

1.10 Powerpoint Serving Wounded Warriors.pdf

1.10 Powerpoint Text Serving Wounded Warriors.rtf