Concurrent Sessions Block 3

Wednesday, July 22nd 4:00 pm-5:30 pm

#3.1 Creating Accessible PDFs with Adobe Acrobat Pro
Jayme Johnson, HTCTU, California Community Colleges

#3.2 Assistive Technology Showcase: University of Wisconsin-Madison
Center for Rehabilitation Engineering and Assistive Technology
Jay K. Martin, University of Wisconsin-Madison

#3.3 The Long Road to Social Justice: The Intersection of Perception,
Disability Policy and the Service Professional
Gladys Loewen, Project PACE, University of Arkansas, Little Rock
Bill Pollard, University of Massachusetts, Boston

3.3 Powerpoint Long Road.pdf

3.3 Powerpoint Text Long Road.rtf

#3.4 A Universal Approach Toward Academically Advising Students with
LaDonna Bridges, Springfield College
Mary Lee Vance, University of Wisconsin, Superior

3.4 PowerPoint Text Universal Approach.rtf

3.4 PowerPoint Universal Approach.pdf

#3.5 Five Institutional Approaches to Supporting College Students
Who Need Personal Assistance Services
Brad Hedrick, University of Illinois
Jean Denny, Wright State University
Robert McConnell, Edinboro University of Pennsylvania
Connie Wiersma, University of Wisconsin-Whitewater

3.5 Handout 1.rtf

3.5 Handout 2.rtf

3.5 Handout 3.rtf

3.5 Powerpoint Effective Practices.pdf

3.5 Powerpoint Text Effective Practices.rtf

#3.6 LD Identity Development: Best Practices for Supporting a Positive
Academic Self-Concept
Peter Falion, Landmark College
Room: Stopher

3.6 Handout 1.pdf

3.6 Handout 2.pdf

3.6 Handout 3.pdf

3.6 Handout 4.pdf

3.6 Handout 5.pdf

3.6 Handout 6.pdf

3.6 Handout 7.pdf

3.6 Handout 8.pdf

3.6 Handout 9.pdf

3.6 Powerpoint LD Identity.pdf

3.6 Powerpoint Text LD Identity.rtf

#3.7 Symposium: Israel’s Unique Response to Meet the Needs of Adults
with LD/ADHD in Higher Education Part III
Susan Vogel, Northern Illinois University
Yael Meltzer, Tel Hai Academic College

3.7 Handout 1.rtf

3.7 Powerpoint Tel-Hai Academic.pdf

3.7 Powerpoint text Tel-Hai Academic.rtf

Isreals Unique Response Powerpoint Text.rtf

Isreals Unique Response.pdf

#3.8 Building Your Program: Data Management and Budget-Resource Development
in DSS
Tom Thompson, Wm. R. Harper College

3.8 Handout 1.rtf

3.8 Handout 2.rtf

3.8 Handout 3.rtf

3.8 Handout 4.rtf

3.8 Handout 5.rtf

3.8 Handout 6 .rtf

3.8 Handout 7.rtf

3.8 Handout 8.rtf

3.8 Powerpoint Building Your Program.pdf

3.8 Powerpoint Text Building Your Program.rtf

#3.9 Transition Planning in Light of IDEA and in the Shadow of the
Manjushri Banerjee, University of Connecticut
Loring Brinckerhoff, Educational Testing Service

#3.10 Cultural Differences: Potential Conflicts Between Military and
Civilian Beliefs
Sven Jones, George Mason University
Christopher Moy, George Mason University