Concurrent Sessions Block 4

Thursday, July 23rd 11:00 am-12:30 pm

#4.1 Creating Effective and Accessible Educational Podcasts
Beth Case, Texas Tech University
Roseanna Davidson, Texas Tech University

Handouts and PowerPoint can be found at:

#4.2 One University’s response to e-text legislation arrives at open-source
solution for all!
Ian Campbell, Central Washington University
Ed Gellenbeck, Central Washington University
Justyn Bell, Central Washington University

#4.3 Documentation: What do we Really Need to Know?
L. Scott Lissner, The Ohio State University

#4.4 Think College: Postsecondary Education for Individuals with Developmental
Cate Weir, University of Massachusetts, Boston
Debra Hart, University of Massachusetts, Boston

4.4 Powerpoint Text Think College.rtf

4.4 Powerpoint Think College.pdf

4.4 Handout 1.pdf

4.4 Handout 1.rtf

4.4 Handout 2.pdf

4.4 Handout 2.rtf

4.4 Handout 3.pdf

#4.5 Collaborations that Support Social Language Development of Students
with Autism Spectrum Disorder.
Michaelene Cronin, Landmark College
Andrew Donahue, Landmark College

#4.6 Breaking through the Silence of Disability and Multiple Identities
Linda Wolford, University of Minnesota
Dann Trainer, University of Minnesota
Betty Benson, University of Minnesota

4.6 Handout 1.rtf

#4.7 Attitudinal And Physical Access To Tertiary Education In Hong
Christie Gilson, Moravian College

4.7 Powerpoint Text Attitudinal and Physical .rtf

4.7 Powerpoint Attitudinal and Physical.pdf

#4.8 Symposium: Section 508 in California Colleges: Lessons for All

    The Impact of 508 in the College Setting
    Gaeir Dietrich, HTCTU, California Community Colleges

    Building Communities of Practice -- Implementation of a Web-Based
    508 Documentation Repository
    Sam Ogami, California State University

#4.9 Bachelor Level College Graduates with Disabilities in the American
Labor Market
Ruth Bork, Northeastern University
Veronica Porter, Northeastern University

#4.10 Presidential “Suspire”
Mike Shuttic, AHEAD President