Concurrent Sessions Block 6

Thursday, July 23rd 4:00 pm-5:30 pm

#6.1 Microsoft Word + MathType + DBT = Nemeth (Math Braille)
Susan Christensen, Braille Production and Software Specialist

#6.2 UD Evolution: Reading Technology Transitions from AT Lab to Entire
College Community
Jill Triana, Meredith College
Cheryl Todd, Meredith College
Crystal Burwell, Meredith College

6.2 Powerpoint UD Evolution.pdf

6.2 Powerpoint Text UD Evolution.rtf

#6.3 Strategic Planning: A Vital Process for a Vital Disability Services
Melanie Thornton, University of Arkansas, Little Rock

#6.4 Accommodating Mental Health Disabilities: Case Studies Highlighting
Campus Collaboration Across the University
Neal Lipsitz, College of the Holy Cross
Eileen Connell Berger, Harvard Graduate School of Education
Suzy Conway, Boston College

6.4 Handout 1.rtf

#6.5 Collaborative Effort: Developing a Model for Access to Higher
Education for Student Veterans with Disabilities
Jorja Waybrant, Dickinson College
Lawrence Doperak, Community College of Allegheny County
Diane Wieland, LaSalle University
Mary Jane Snyder, Duquesne University

6.5 Handout 1.pdf

6.5 Powerpoint Collaborative Effort.pdf

6.5 Powerpoint Text Collaborative Effort.rtf

6.5 Handout 1 text.rtf

6.5 Powerpoint Text Collaborative Effort.rtf

#6.6 Standing Up for Diversity: Current Status and Future Plans -
An Open Forum
Ruth Warick, University of British Columbia
Bea Awoniyi, Florida State University
Mattie E. Grace, University of Southern California
Kelly Leonard, Purdue University
Roxana Stupp, University of Illinois at Chicago

6.6 Powerpoint Standing Up.pdf

6.6 Powerpoint Text Standing Up.rtf

#6.7 Global Access for Students with Mobility Disabilities
Troy Brenner, Central Washington University

#6.8 Student Mental Health: A Campus-wide Public Health Approach
Betty Benson, University of Minnesota
Barbara Blacklock, University of Minnesota

6.8 Powerpoint Student Mental Health.pdf

6.8 Powerpoint Text Student Mental Health.rtf

#6.9 The Autism College Transition (ACT) Program: A Replicable Model
of Collaboration
Melinda Reames, Educational Service Center of Central OH
Wayne Cocchi, Columbus State Community College

6.9 Powerpoint Autism College Transition.pdf

6.9 Powerpoint Text Autism College Transition.rtf

#6.10 Keeping it Legal: Learning from Others’ Mistakes, Avoiding Accessibility
Complaints and Litigation
Irene Bowen, ADA One, LLC

6.10 Handout 1.rtf

6.10 Powerpoint Keeping it Legal.pdf

6.10 Powerpoint Text Keeping it Legal.rtf