Concurrent Sessions Block 7

Friday, July 24th 8:30 am-10:30 am

#7.1 Using the ‘Save as DAISY’ plug-in to create Accessible Content
Sam Ogami, California State University
Jayme Johnson, HTCTU, California Community Colleges

#7.2 Creating a Summer Transition Program or College Camp from Concept
Kathy Hoffman, Erie Community College
Heather Martin, Erie Community College
Jennifer Herrmann, Canisius College

#7.3 WE are The Underprepared! Getting Ready for the Coming of Online
Jane Jarrow, Disability Compliance in Career and Online Learning
Julie Scaff, University of Phoenix - Onine Campus
Shannon Wilke, University of Phoenix - Online
Robert Becker, University of Phoenix - Online
Kelly Hermann, Empire State College

7.3 Handout 1.rtf

#7.4 Pioneers in Using ACCESS (Assessment of Campus Climate): What
Have We Learned Thus Far?
Susan Vogel, Northern Illinois University
Joan Green, University of New Mexico
Susan Mann-Dolce, University at Buffalo
Susan Gabel, National-Louis University
Gregory Moorehead, Rutgers University
Susan Parsons, Slippery Rock University
Steven R. Sligar, East Carolina University
Crystal Moore, Skidmore College

7.4 Powerpoint Pioneers 2.pdf

7.4 Powerpoint Text Pioneers 2.rtf

7.4 Powerpoint Pioneers in Using ACCESS.pdf

7.4 Powerpoint Text Pioneers in Using Access.rtf

7.4 Powerpoint Success with Access.pdf

7.4 Powerpoint Text Success with Access.rtf

7.4 Powerpoint Univ of New Mexico.pdf

7.4 Powerpoint Text Univ of New Mexico.rtf

#7.5 Symposium: Applying a Global Perspective to Faculty Training
Room: Sampson

7.5 Powerpoint Expanding the World.pdf

7.5 Powerpoint Text Expanding the World.rtf

    Integration of Global Accessibility into the Conception, Design,
    and Presentation of Educator Course Content.
    Tracy Donald, Auburn University
    Clay Yarbrough, Auburn University
    Tina Gilbert, Auburn University
    Paul Cole, Auburn University

    Expanding the World of Instruction: Faculty Taking On Universal
    Design for Learning
    Mari Guillermo, San Diego State University
    Bobbie Atkins, San Diego State University
    Nan Zhang Hampton, San Diego State University

#7.6 Disability Reconsidered: Using Film to Continue the Dialogue
on Disability and Life

Karen Pettus, University of South Carolina

#7.7 The US Legal Year in Review
Jo Anne Simon, Attorney at Law
Paul Grossman, Hastings College of Law

#7.8 Blindness 101
Gaeir Dietrich, De Anza College
Jim Marks, University of Montana
Annemarie Cooke, RFB&D

#7.9 Symposium: Successful Career Paths that Span the Globe

7.9 Handout 1.rtf

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7.9 Handout 5.rtf

7.9 Handout 6.pdf

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7.9 Handout 8.rtf

7.9 Handout 9.rtf

7.9 Handout 10.rtf

7.9 Powerpoint Paving the Career.pdf

7.9 Powerpoint Text Paving the Career.rtf

7.9 Powerpoint Strategies and Resources.pdf

7.9 Powerpoint Text Strategies and Resources.rtf

    Paving the Career Employment Transition Path: Making the Commitment
    to Maximize Success
    Alan Muir, Career Opps for Students w/ Disabilities
    Sarah Helm, The University of Tennessee

    Preparing Students With Disabilities For Careers In A Globalized
    Avraham Rabby, Consultant on employment of people with disabilities

    Strategies and Resources to Support Students with Career Goals in
    Global Corporations
    Kathy McCreedy, DiverseAbility LLC

#7.10 Symposium: Spotlight on Psychological Disabilities and TBI

7.10 Handout 1.pdf

7.10 Handout 2.rtf

7.10 Powerpoint Combat to College.pdf

7.10 Powerpoint Text Combat to College.rtf

7.10 Powerpoint Rippling Effects.pdf

7.10 Powerpoint Text Rippling Effects.rtf

    From Combat to College: Research on the Mental Health of Returning
    Nicole Lovald, Capella University
    Carlie Gebauer, Capella University

    Peace Comes with a Price: Accommodating/Serving Students with Complex
    Steve Guice, Auburn University

    The Rippling Effects of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder: Understanding
    the Effects of Trauma on Veterans in the Academic Environment
    Vannee Cao-Nguyen, University of West Florida