Concurrent Sessions Block 8

Friday, July 24th 2:30 pm-4:00 pm

#8.1 Accessibility in Higher Education: A Technological Perspective
Jayme Johnson, HTCTU, California Community Colleges

#8.2 AT Training: Research into Contextualized Training Delivered
by Academic Strategists
Flo Brokop, NorQuest College

8.2 Assistive Technology Powerpoint Slides.pdf

8.2 Assistive Technology Powerpoint Text Only.rtf

#8.3 Collaborative Distance Education - A New Twist on Service Delivery
Heather Webb, The University of Tennessee
Michelle Swaney, The University of Tennessee
Teressa Gregory, The University of Tennessee

8.3 Powerpoint Collaborative Distance.pdf

8.3 Powerpoint Text Collaborative Distance.rtf

#8.4 Maximize Your AHEAD Regional Affiliate: A World of Network Opportunities
Terra Beethe, Bellevue University
Stacey Reycraft, The University of Mississippi
Adam Meyer, Saint Louis University

8.4 Handout 1.rtf

8.4 Handout 2.rtf

8.4 Handout 3.rtf

8.4 Handout 4.rtf

#8.5 College Students with Asperger’s Syndrome: Challenges for Counseling & Student
Lisa King, Higher Education and Autism Spectrum Disorders Inc
Lorraine Wolf, Boston University

#8.6 Beyond Borders: Identifying Your Role as a Diversity Advocate
within Disability Services
Melanie Thompson, Southeast Missouri State University
Jenny Dugger, Drexel University
Marcus Engel, Consultant/Trainer

8.6 Powerpoint Beyond Borders.pdf

8.6 Powerpoint Text Beyond Borders.rtf

#8.7 Working Able Mentoring: Working with Leading Employers in Ireland
to place Graduates with Disabilites in Work Internships
Ann Heelan, AHEAD Ireland

#8.8 Train Go Sorry: An Introduction to Working with Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing
Ruth Loew, Educational Testing Service
John Hosterman, Association of American Medical Colleges
Dann Trainer, University of Minnesota
Eric Littles, Private Consulting

#8.9 A Regional Approach to College Access for Students with Intellectual
Melissa Jones, Northern Kentucky University
Janet Gora, Down Syndrome Association of Greater Cincinnati
Jennifer Radt, Clermont College – University of Cincinnati
Steve Sunderland, University of Cincinnati

8.9 Powerpoint A Regional Approach.pdf

8.9 Powerpoint Text A Regional Approach.rtf

#8.10 Boot Camp for Planners: Building a Powerful Support Network
for Student Veterans
Robert Harden, Central Washington University