Concurrent Sessions Block 9

Saturday, July 25th 9:00 am-10:00 am

#9.1 The Complete DAISY Production & Playback Solution
Mattias Carlson, Dolphin Computer Access
Steve Bennete, Dolphin Computer Access

#9.2 Technology to Help Struggling Students Transition into the College
Jennifer Ray, Texthelp Systems, Inc.

9.2 Powerpoint Technology to Help.pdf

9.2 Powerpoint Text Technology to Help.rtf

#9.3 Creating and Using Teams/Committees for Decision Making
Jim Kessler, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
Theresa Maitland, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

9.3 Powerpoint Creating and Using Teams.pdf

9.3 Powerpoint Text Creating and Using Teams.rtf

#9.4 Appreciative Inquiry and Universal Design: Bringing Your Campus
Along On The Journey

#9.5 Education without Borders: Why You Should Care About Study Abroad
Michelle Scheib, Mobility International USA
Marta Lukjan Weber, alum Princeton University
Lynnett Van Slyke, University of Pittsburgh
Lindsey Newland, University of Kentucky

9.5 Handout 1.pdf

9.5 Handout 1.rtf

9.5 Handout 2.rtf

9.5 Handout 3.rtf

9.5 Handout 4.pdf

9.5 Handout 4.rtf

9.5 Handout 5.pdf

9.5 Handout 5.rtf

9.5 Handout 6.pdf

9.5 Handout 6.rtf

9.5 Handout 7.rtf

9.5 Powerpoint Education without Borders.pdf

9.5 Powerpoint Text Education without Borders.rtf

9.5 Powerpoint Studying Abroad in Australia.pdf

9.5 Powerpoint Text Studying Abroad in Australia.rtf

#9.6 Balancing Multiple Identities
Mary Lee Vance, University of Wisconsin, Superior
Chris Bell, Syracuse University

#9.7 Facilitating Successful Transitions into STEM Fields for Students
with Psychiatric Disabilities
Kimberly Collins, University of Illinois

9.7 Powerpoint Facilitating Successful.pdf

9.7 Powerpoint Text Facilitating Successful.rtf

#9.8 College Access Project for Rural Alaska: Training Small Campuses
in Universal Design
Kaela Parks, University of Alaska Anchorage

9.8 Handout 1.rtf

9.8 Handout 2.rtf

9.8 Powerpoint Rural Alaska.pdf

9.8 Powerpoint Text Rural Alaska.rtf

#9.9 Supporting Teacher Trainees with Learning Disabilities or ADHD
in Transition from College to Work
Brenda Liptz, David Yellin College of Education

9.9 Powerpoint Supporting Teacher Trainees.pdf

9.9 Powerpoint Text Supporting Teacher Trainees.rtf

#9.10 Surviving Program Reviews with Confidence and Competence while
Creating DSS Opportunities
Melanie Thompson, Southeast Missouri State University

9.10 Powerpoint Surviving Program Reviews.pdf

9.10 Powerpoint Text Surviving Program Reviews.rtf