Block 6

6.1 Real World Tools and Techniques for Accessible Instructional Materials (AIM)

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6.2 Online 101: An Introduction to Online and Distance Education

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6.3 Disability Culture Through the Eyes of College Students with Varying Physical Disabilities

6.3_Disability Culture Handout 1.rtf

6.3_Disability Culture Powerpoint Text.rtf

6.3_Disability Culture Powerpoint.pdf

6.4 Vets-to-Vets Project

6.4_Vets to Vets_Handout 1.rtf

6.4_Vets to Vets_Handout 2.rtf

6.4_Vets to Vets Powerpoint Text_Handout 3.rtf

6.4_Vets to Vets Powerpoint_Handout 3.pdf

6.4_Vets_to_Vets_Handout 4.rtf

6.4_Vets to Vets_Handout 5.rtf

6.4_Vets to Vets_Handout 6.rtf

6.5 Partnering to Provide Expanded Mental Health Services to Students with Psychiatric Disabilities

6.5 Partnering to Provide Powerpoint.pdf

6.5_Partnering to Provide Powerpoint Text.rtf

6.7 From Compliance to Proactive Accessibility: How Small Institutions Create Success

6.7_From Compliance to Proactive Handout 1.rtf

6.7_From Compliance to Proactive Powerpoint Text.rtf

6.7_From Compliance to Proactive Powerpoint.pdf

6.8 Documentation for Students with Specific Learning Disabilities: A Collaborative Approach

6.8_Documentation for Students Handout 1.rtf

6.8_Documentation for Students Handout 2.rtf

6.8_Documentation for Students Powerpoint Text.rtf

6.8_Documentation for Students Powerpoint.pdf

6.9 Parent or Professional: Which Hat Do I Wear Today?

6.9_Parent or Professional Handout 1.rtf

6.9_Parent or Professional Handout 2.rtf

6.9_Parent or Professional Handout 3.rtf

6.10 Process Model for Determining Reasonable Accommodations Based on Technical Standards

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6.11 Presidential “Suspire”

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6.12 Universal Design of Mathematics Instruction: A Collaborative Model

6.12_Universal Design of Mathematics Handout 1.rtf

6.12_Universal Design of Mathematics Powerpoint Text.rtf

6.12_Universal Design of Mathematics Powerpoint.pdf

6.13 Doing More with Less: Scheduling and Communication Solutions for Disability Services Providers

6.13_Doing More with Less Handout 1.rtf

6.13_Doing More with Less Powerpoint Text.rtf

6.13_Doing More with Less Powerpoint.pdf

6.14 Supporting Students with Disabilities with Tablet PCs in STEM Courses

6.14_Supporting Students with Disabilities Powerpoint Text.rtf

6.14_Supporting Students with Disabilities Powerpoint.pdf