Block 8

8.1 Accessible Equations: Strategies for Alternate Formats with Math and Science

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8.2 MHSA/Caption Mic

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8.3 In Touch Graphics/Click & Go Wayfinding Maps

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8.4 Strada Communications, Inc.: Communication Access - Choosing What Works

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8.5 A Degree of Success: Graduate Business School for People with Disabilities

8.5_Degree of Success Powerpoint Text.rtf

8.5_Degree of Success Powerpoint.pdf

8.6 Improved Listening

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8.7 Plextalk: Realization of Direct Manipulation for Visually Impaired on Touch Panel Interface

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8.8 Heyward, Lawton and Associates

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8.9 Captioning Beyond Compliance: Improving the Quality of your Media

8.9 Captioning Beyond Compliance Powerpoint.pdf

8.10 Help Students Transition to Higher Education with Read&Write GOLD: A Paneled Presentation

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8.11 Introducing ZoomText 10

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8.12 Students’ Perspectives... Students’ Successes

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8.13 Social Networks: An introduction to Social Networking and your Accessible Web Presence.

8.13_Social Networks Handout 1.rtf

8.13_Social Networks Powerpoint Text.rtf

8.13_Social Networks Powerpoint Video Text.rtf

8.13_Social Networks Powerpoint.pdf

8.14 Tracking, Analyzing and Projecting Interpreting and Real-Time Captioning Expenses

8.14_Tracking Analyzing Powerpoint Text.rtf

8.14_Tracking Analyzing Powerpoint.pdf