Block 9

9.1 Creating Accessible PDF Documents with MS Word and Acrobat Pro

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9.2 OCR & You: Gaining Confidence through Collaboration

9.2_OCR and You Powerpoint

9.2_OCR and You Powerpoint Text

9.3 Appreciative Inquiry and Universal Design: Bringing Your Campus Along On The Journey

9.3_Appreciative Inquiry and Universal Design Presentation Notes.rtf

9.4 Symposium: Understanding and Supporting the Unique Needs of Students on the Autism Spectrum: Individual, Group and Family Perspectives

9.4_Symposium_Using Strengthsquest Powerpoint Text.rtf

9.4_Symposium_Using Strengthsquest Powerpoint.pdf

9.4_Symposium_Using Strengthsquest_Handout 1.pdf

9.4_Symposium_Using Strengthsquest_Handout 2.rtf

An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure: Addressing the Unique Needs of Students with Asperger’s Disorder

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Using StrengthsquestTM with Students on the Autism Spectrum

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Supporting the Student with Autism Spectrum Disorder in College: A Parent’s Perspective

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9.5 Universal Yoga: Welcoming, Comfortable and Safe Instruction and Practice for All Students

9.5_Universal Yoga Powerpoint Text.rtf

9.5_Universal Yoga Powerpoint.pdf

9.6 Identities: The Intersection of Gender, Sexuality and Disability

9.6_Identities Powerpoint Text

9.6_Identities Powerpoint

9.7 Demystifying the ADAAA, ADAAG, and Other New Laws and Regulations

9.7 JAS-PDG Case List handout.doc

9.7_Demystifying Powerpoint 2 Text.rtf

9.7_Demystifying Powerpoint 2.pdf

9.7_Demystifying Powerpoint Text.rtf

9.7_Demystifying Powerpoint.pdf

9.8 Symposium: Wounded Warriors and Disability Services: Preparedness and Models of Leadership

9.8_Symposium_Wounded Warrior Research.pdf

Statewide Educational Initiatives for Veterans with Disabilities: How AHEAD Can Lead

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Wounded Warrior Research: One Year Later

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9.9 Providing an Accessible Health Sciences Program for Postsecondary Students with Disabilities

9.9_Providing Accessible Health Powerpoint Text.rtf

9.9_Providing Accessible Health Powerpoint.pdf

9.10 Mining Learning Disability Documentation for Clues in Determining Eligibility for Specific Accommodations

9.10_Mining LD Handout 1.rtf

9.10_Mining LD Handout 2.rtf

9.10_Mining LD Handout 3.rtf

9.10_Handout 4.rtf

9.10_Mining LD Powerpoint Text.rtf

9.10_Mining LD Powerpoint.pdf

9.11 Quality Indicators for Assistive Technology for Students with Disabilities Transitioning to College

9.11_Mining Learning Disability Powerpoint.pdf

9.11_Quality Indicators Powerpoint Text.rtf

9.11_Quality Indicators Powerpoint.pdf

9.12 Executive Function Impairments in High IQ Post-Secondary Students with ADHD/LD

9.12_Executive Function Impairments Handout 1.pdf

9.12_Executive Function Impairments Powerpoint 2 Text.rtf

9.12_Executive Function Impairments Powerpoint 2.pdf

9.12_Executive Function Impairments Handout 2.pdf

9.12_Executive Function Impairments Handout 3.pdf

9.12_Executive Function Impairments Powerpoint Text.rtf

9.12_Executive Function Impairments Powerpoint.pdf

9.13 Test Equity: The Challenges and Issues

9.13_Test Equity Powerpoint Text.rtf

9.13_Test Equity Powerpoint.pdf

9.14 Putting It Together: Accommodations for the Student with Deafblindness

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