Concurrent Sessions: Block 2

Wednesday July 13, 2011

4:00 pm-5:30 pm

#2.1 Authoring Math Content for the Web and DAISY

Sean Keegan, Stanford University

Ron Stewart, AHEAD & High Tech Center Training Unit,

California Community Colleges

#2.2 Diversity Audit Tools: Assessing Disability within Diversity in Higher Education

Melanie Thompson, Northern Illinois University, Moderator

Ruth Warick, University of British Columbia

Bea Awoniyi, The Florida State University

Mattie Grace, University of Southern California

AHEAD 2011 Session 2.2 Diversity Audit Tools

AHEAD 2011 Session 2.2 Diversity Audit Tools

#2.3 Promoting an Accessible Postsecondary Environment in Canadian Schools of Social Work

Irene Carter, University of Windsor

Roy Hanes, Carleton University

Judy MacDonald, Dalhousie University

#2.4 Disability Services: Gate Keeper or Door Opener

William Pollard, University of Massachusetts Boston

Gladys Loewen, Consultant


#2.5 Web Accessibility 101

Terrill Thompson, University of Washington

#2.6 Documentation Gone Green: Operating the DS Office with Nominal Need for Documentation

Adam Meyer, Eastern Michigan University

Documentation Gone Green 2011

#2.7 “voicesoftheadageneration” project

Susan Mann Dolce, University at Buffalo

Randy Borst, University at Buffalo

Mike Rembis, University at Buffalo

#2.8 The Essential Six: Helping Parents Support Their College Students with LD’s

Lorri LaMagdelaine, Westfield State University

Michaelene Cronin, Landmark College

Essential Six Presentation Session 2.8

Essential Six Presentation Word Format

#2.9 Shifting the Paradigm: Agents of Change in the Campus Community

Barbara Hammer, University of Missouri- Columbia

Abbie O’Sullivan, University of Missouri - Columbia

Lee Henson, University of Missouri - Columbia

CCPD Strategic Goals 2010

Executive Summary Disability Survey

Shifting the Paradigm

#2.10 Sustainable Access: Incorporating Social, Environmental, and Economic Concepts when Serving Student Veterans

Jorja Waybrant, University of North Carolina Wilmington

Sandra Patton, Lone Star College System

Patricia Richter, Kutztown University of Pennsylvania

Merrill Parra, Lehman College CUNY

Brenda York, Montana State University

Core tenets of sustainability

Information about this session

Questions to consider for participant input

Sustainable Access

Sustainable Access

UNCW info

#2.11 Technology Accessibility: Transforming our Institutions with New Guidance and New Perspectives

Teresa Haven, Arizona State University

AHEAD 2011 2.11 [Aheadmembers] New Public Stance by the Dept. of Justice and WebAccessibility Policy

AHEAD 2011 2.11 Dear Colleague Letter to Postsecondary Education Officials June 2010

AHEAD 2011 2.11 Dear Colleague Letter to Postsecondary Education Officials May 2011

AHEAD 2011 2.11 Frequently Asked Questions About the June 29, 2010, Dear Colleague Letter --

AHEAD 2011 2.11 Haven Technology Accessibility Transforming Institutions

AHEAD 2011 Haven 2.11 Technology Accessibility Transforming Institutions

#2.12 Best Practices for Serving Veterans with Disabilities in Postsecondary Settings

Alfred Souma, Seattle Central Community College

Scott Bellman, University of Washington, DO-IT

2_12 Veterans Presentation