Concurrent Sessions: Block 6

Friday July 15, 2011 

9:00 am-10:30 am

#6.1 Academic Considerations for Mobile Platforms

Sean Keegan, Stanford University

Jayme Johnson, High Tech Center Training Unit, California Community Colleges

#6.2 Improved Listening

Ralph Regula, Improved Listening, Inc.

#6.3 Alternative Communication Services

Phil Hyssong, Alternative Communication Services, LLC

Mike Cano, Alternative Communication Services, LLC

Rick Prickett, Alternative Communication Services, LLC

#6.4 Making Bookshare Work for Your Students

Cherie Miller, Bookshare

Betsy Burgess, Bookshare

#6.5 Help Students Transition to Higher Education with Read&Write GOLD: A Paneled Presentation

Holly Johnson, Auxiliary Aids and Services Coordinator, University at Buffalo, The State University of New York

Mo Doherty, Regional Sales Director, Texthelp Systems, Inc.

Michael Heuer, Technology Solutions Manager, Portland Community College

#6.6 New Solutions from Dolphin Computer Access

Charlie Hamilton, Dolphin Computer Access, Inc.

#6.7 Campus-Wide Text Reader Accommodation – Read:OutLoud University

Mary Jo Barry, Don Johnston, Inc.

#6.8 ClockWork Database Scheduler

Barouch Chai, Microcomputer Science Centre, Inc.

#6.9 DBTAC: Southeast ADA Center

Elaine Sutton-Mbionwu, Assistant Director / Training & Technical Assistance

#6.10 Learn How to Save Time Acquiring Braille and Electronic Textbooks for Students

Mike Bastine, Alternate Text Production Center

Christopher Lee, The Alternative Media Access Center

Sandra Greenberg, Alternate Text Production Center

Jaime Montgomery, Alternate Text Production Center

Block 6.19 ATPC Handout Seattle 2011

Block 6.19 ATPC Presentation Seattle 2011

#6.11 Thinking Beyond Surveys: Developing an Assessment Plan for Your DS Office

Kristie Orr, Texas A&M University

Paul Harwell, Texas A&M University

Thinking Beyond Surveys AHEAD 2011 accessible

Thinking Beyond Surveys AHEAD 2011

#6.12 International Perspective on Disability Studies: Overview and History of Interlinking Popular, Academic, and Service Movements

Devva Kasnitz, Devvaco Consulting, President, Society for Disability Studies

Alberto Guzman, University of Arizona, Vice President, Society for Disability Studies