Concurrent Sessions: Block 9

Concurrent Sessions: Block 9

Saturday July 16, 2011

9:00 am-10:00 am

#9.1 Techniques for Alt Format Production

Ron Stewart, AHEAD & High Tech Center Training Unit, California Community Colleges

#9.2 DSS and an Academic Skills Center in Higher Education: Forming a Partnership

Jonathan Corey , Brown University

AHEAD 2011 Forming a partnership pres v1

AHEAD 2011 Forming a partnership pres v1

#9.3 Toward Collaboration: A New Model of Service for

Off-Shore Medical Students

Pamela O'Callaghan, Ross University School of Medicine

Robert Gee, Ross University School of Medicine

#9.4 Residence Hall Requests: An Old Issue with New Twists and NO RULES!

L. Scott Lissner, The Ohio State University

Jane Jarrow, DAIS/DCCOL

#9.5 Mission Possible: An Interactive Guide to Being Proactive Rather than Reactive in a DS Office

Justin O'Sullivan, Kaplan University - Online

Tiffani Ashline, Kaplan University - Online

9.5 Mission_Possible

9.5 Mission_Possible

#9.6 Movin' on Up: Transition and Transfer from 2-year to 4-year College

Eve Nichols, Metropolitan State University

Jane Larson, Minneapolis Community and Technical College

AHEAD 2011 9.6 movin_on_up v2

#9.7 Self-Advocacy & Disclosure: An Interactive Model for Developing Skills in Students with Disabilities

Lisa Toft, Northeastern University

Courtney Joly-Lowdermilk, Northeastern University

AHEAD 2011 9.7 Disclosure Examples

AHEAD 2011 9.7 Self-Advocacy and Disclosure

AHEAD 2011 9.7 Self-Advocacy Assessment

#9.8 The HTCTU Veterans Resource Center (VRC) Project

Gaeir Dietrich, HTCTU, California Community Colleges

Myra Lerch, HTCTU, California Community Colleges

#9.9 Improving Course Accessibility: Universal Design Faculty Learning Community

Trina Geye, Tarleton State University

#9.10 Class Act: Sustainable Partnership between Vocational Rehabilitation and Postsecondary Institutions Promoting Self Actualization

Michelle Mitchell, Lehigh Carbon Community College

Christie Gilson, Moravian College -- Education Department

9.10 Class_act

9.10 Final_Exam

9.10 First_Handout_Odd_Laws

9.10 Following_Directions_Icebreaker,_IN_CLASS

9.10 Group_in_Class_Activity_for_Angel

9.10 Handout,_Differences_Chart_long

9.10 Hypnosis_Preview_Assignment,_IN_CLASS

9.10 Hypnosis_Test,_IN_CLASS

9.10 INSTRUCTOR_info_for_discussion,_Explanation_of_Laws

9.10 Mission_--_Class_Time_Hunt

9.10 Notetaking_Methodologies,_HANDOUT

9.10 Student_Habits_Checklist,_IN-CLASS

9.10 Week_1_Class_Outline

9.10 Week_2_Class_Outline

9.10 Week_3_Class_Outline

9.10 Week_4_Class_Outline

9.10 Week_5_Class_Outline

9.10 Week_6_Class_Outline

9.10 Week_7_Class_Outline

9.10 Week_8_Class_Outline

#9.11 Using Technology with Deaf and Hard of Hearing Students

Mela Bennett, American River College

#9.12 How Coaching Impacts The Academic Functioning Of University Students with LD and/or ADHD

Kristen Rademacher, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill

David Parker, CRG, Inc.


How Coaching Impacts