Information Sessions

Wednesday July 13, 2011 

12:45 pm-1:45 pm

#IS1 Emerging, Enduring and Evolving Issues in Disability Services - Presidential Perspectives

Jean Ashmore, AHEAD President

#IS2 High Risk to High Potential:  Transition Issues for High School and College Students with ADHD

Robert Tudisco, Edge Foundation, Inc.

#IS3 Leveraging Community Resources to Promote Inclusion of Students with Asperger’s Syndrome, Autism and NVLD:  Exploring Best Practices of Campus, Community and

Collaborative Models

Heather Conroy, AHEADD, Inc.

#IS4 Think College Service Learning Mini-Grant Awarded

Paula Sotnik, ICI, University of Massachusetts, Boston

Debra Hart, ICI, University of Massachusetts, Boston

#IS5 Universal Access to High-Quality Information Through Mainstream Publishing

Alicia Wise, Elsevier

#IS6 Veterans Education and Transition Services (V.E.T.S.) in

College: A Supported Education Model for Wounded Warriors

Elizabeth Getzel, Virginia Commonwealth University-RRTC

Christine Grauer, Virginia Commonwealth University-RRTC

Lori Briel, Virginia Commonwealth University-RRTC

#IS7 Writing for the AHEAD Journal of Postsecondary Education and Disability

David Parker, AHEAD JPED Editor

Thursday July 14, 2011 

12:45 pm-1:45 pm

#IS8 Addressing Fire Safety Protocols for Students with

Disabilities- A Community and Educational Responsibility

Gail Minger, Michael H. Minger Foundation

Ed Comeau, Campus FireWatch

#IS9 New Program Evaluation Tools Available Through AHEAD!

Robert Plienis, AHEAD

Jan Edwards, Colorado College

#IS10 QIAT-PS: Quality Indicators for Assistive Technology / Postsecondary

Russ Holland, Adirondack AccessAbility Inc.

Janet Peters, DBTAC Great Lakes ADA Center

Ron Stewart, AHEAD

Bryan Ayres, Easter Seals

#IS11 QoLT: A Technology Convergence and Transition Model for Students with Disabilities in South Korea

Dongil Kim, Seoul National University

Juhye Yook, Seoul National University

Jiyoung Son, Seoul National University

Sora Jeong, Seoul National University

#IS12 Universal Course Design to Increase Retention and Completion Rates of Community College Students

Molly Boyle, ICI, University of Massachusetts, Boston

Debra Hart, ICI, University of Massachusetts, Boston

#IS13 Improving Education for Students with Disabilities in Illinois

Tom L. Thompson, William Rainey Harper College

Eric Lichtenberger, Illinois Education Research Council/ Southern Illinois University Edwardville

Career Planning SIG Special Panel Presentation: STEM &

Disability - A Match Made Outside the Box

Scott Bellman, International DO-IT (Disabilities, Opportunities, Internetworking, and Technology) Center

Kathy McCreedy, DiverseAbility LLC

Jean Morrell, Entry Point Internship Program