Regarding Universal Access and Environmental Responsibility

AHEAD continues to open new doors and set new examples for Conference implementation that elevate universal access, environmental responsibility, and unparalleled professional development for those involved in the intersection of disability and higher education.

In 2011, AHEAD is continuing to refine enhancements in the design of the Conference to move us toward a more strategic, inclusive, and responsible approach to the delivery of outstanding professional information. AHEAD provides opportunities for professional development to those who work to assure usable, sustainable and inclusive higher education environments for students, faculty, and staff with disabilities and who believe society is ultimately enriched by difference. 

In response to full access and environmental responsibility, we are maximizing pre-planning efforts and the use of appropriate technological resources in planning for the delivery of program materials in accessible formats.

In lieu of receiving paper handouts onsite at the Conference, attendees at the 2011 AHEAD Conference will access handout and presentation support literature in advance, via Internet download beginning no later than two weeks prior to the Conference.  This will afford attendees the opportunity to access as many different sets of information as they like, in the output format of their choice, and benefit international attendees for translation purposes, well in advance of the Conference.  All registrants will be provided with easy-to-understand-and-implement instructions for accessing all presentation support materials.  Enhancing this practice, materials for the 2011 Conference will be available both in text and PDF formats to attendees in advance.

While providing the convenience of universal access for each attendee, this approach greatly reduces the burden on presenters and the environment created by providing handout materials for each attendee in each session – many of which end up going unused. As an added bonus, it offers attendees the opportunity to access handout materials from sessions that they’ll not be able to attend.

The 2011 Conference Chairs and Committees along with the AHEAD Board & Staff
are committed to consistently improving the experiences of Conference Attendees,
and look forward to seeing you in Seattle this summer!

Scent- and Smoke-Free

In an effort to provide the most comfortable experience possible for all attendees, the Conference organizers ask that attendees refrain from the use of scented products during the Conference and observe that all events related to the Conference are smoke-free. All indoor areas of the Sheraton Hotel and the Convention Center are strictly smoke-free.

AHEAD 2011 Silent Auction

Each year AHEAD raises money to provide students with disabilities and members of AHEAD with scholarships to support their academic or professional study.

In addition to providing funding to do great work, the annual Silent Auction is a whole lot of fun! Please review the donor information on the inside back cover of this booklet and plan to be a part of the 2011 auction!