AHEAD Start & Out of the Box III

AHEAD Start and Out of the Box III are coordinated, comprehensive conference programs for new and seasoned professionals. Building on the past two years’ successful OUT OF THE BOX! Program, AHEAD’s Board and Standing Committee on Professional Development are excited to once again offer two tracks of conference sessions this year:

AHEAD Start:
Foundational information for the new professional

Provocative conversations to challenge seasoned professionals and push our thinking beyond the status quo

Why attend these sessions? Both strands are designed to encourage in-depth discussions and consideration of the issues that shape postsecondary disability services in today’s changing climate. Through lecture, discussion, resource sharing, and relationship development, this coordinated program of professional development will expose and reacquaint you with the ways in which social justice and civil rights legislation inform the practical realities of providing disability service and consultation in higher education. You’ll receive a certificate of attendance and a discount on your registration.

Here’s How the Program Works!

1. Register for, and attend, ONE of these required Preconference Sessions and receive an Attendance Sheet: ​

  1. #PC3 AHEAD Start: Setting the Landscape for the New Professional 
  2. #PC4 OUT OF THE BOX, III : Exploring Power and Privilege Dynamics in Disability Services 

2. Choose and attend 5 out of 8 of the following sessions (descriptions below) 

AHEAD Start Strand Out of the Box III Strand
1.2 The Real Story 1.3 The Changing Face of Bias
2.2 Re-envisioning the DS Model 2.3 Disability and Privilege
3.2 The Art of Expression 3.3 Theory Between Wider Outreach
4.2 Theory Barriers to Change 4.3 UD for Engagement
5.2 The Future of Learning Support 5.3 Multiple Dimensions
6.2 A Culture Shift 6.3 Guiding Faculty Toward Access
7.2 The Journey Continues 7.3 Emerging Practices for Grad Students
8.2 Beyond the ADA 8.3 Students’ ACCESS Campaign


3. AFTER the conference: Send AHEAD your signed Attendance Sheet. You will receive a certificate of attendance in the mail, and AHEAD will reimburse $100 to the payer of your registration (e.g. your school or employer) post- conference.

Adam Meyer, University of Central Florida & Nissim Louis, Université de Montréal, AHEAD Start & Out of the Box III Coordinators