J.W. Marriott Word Maps - Service Animals

The best area for relief for service animals is on Maryland Street (south side of J. W. Marriott) near West Street. As you exit the doors from the mail hotel lobby, turn right (south) and proceed along the building line (on right) in a slight incline. When the pavement levels out, start a left turn (east toward West Street) to locate the steps. On you right (west) will be the main entrance to the High Velocity Bar/Restaurant.

At the base of the steps turn right (south) keeping West Street on your left and walk to the corner (Maryland Street). Turn right, keeping Maryland Street on your left the sidewalk has a downhill slope. There is a green space (trees, short bushes open area) on your left, between you and curb for relief. As you return (east with Maryland Street on your right) to the hotel, near the top of the walk, on your left is a trashcan. Past the trashcan – turn left (north) and locate the steps on the left (west) to return to the hotel.