The Westin Indianapolis Word Maps - Route from Westin to Marriott

If you exit the main doors (east side) of the Westin, turn right (south) and walk to Maryland Street. The path of travel is brick and approximately 12 feet wide, with the drive on your left and small wall on the right. There is a large planter near the building but otherwise it is a clear straight line of travel to Maryland Street. As you approach Maryland Street the sidewalk will dip to the Maryland Street sidewalk. Turn right (west). Maryland Street is a one-way east with four lanes. Keep Maryland Street on your left and on your right is a wall and you will come to an overhead (skywalk from Westin to Convention Center across the street –west side of Maryland Street - from the Westin). On your right (north) is the Maryland Street door access to the Westin. Door is open from 6:00 a.m. until 6:30 p.m. after which room cars is needed to open the door. The sensor is located on the left (west) side of the door approximately four feet above the ground. There are three steps.

Continue west and about 20 feet later near the wall is an old (out of service) utility box. Continue west, keeping Maryland Street on your left and you will come to a service alley. There is a significant curb and the curb cut is at a diagonal toward the street. Across the alley the sidewalk continues and there will be trees on the curbside (left) and a wall (patio for Champions Restaurant) on your right (part of the Marriott Hotel – not J.W. Marriott)

Continue west and you will cross the drive to the Marriott Hotel that has a slight slope to the street but keep Maryland Street traffic on your left (south) and continue to the corner. Again there are planters and trees on the curbside and you may, depending on how tall you are – if over 5 foot 6 inches – will encounter a few branches in the path of travel.

At the corner (Missouri Street – four lanes, two way north/south) the intersection is controlled by a traffic light but no audible signal. Start traffic will be Maryland Street coming toward you. Missouri Street primarily serves a parking garage that primarily serves state government during the week and encompasses the entire block (Missouri Street – east side, Washington Street – north side, West Street – west side, Maryland Street – south side) and has peak traffic flow in mornings and afternoons.

Continue west on Maryland Street and there will be occasional light posts on the curb and the side of the parking garage on the right. As before you get to West Street, on the right will be a bicycle rack with ‘rent a bikes’. Continue west and as you approach West Street the area will open on your right (north) as you will pass the end of parking garage. Walk to the curb.

The crossing is light controlled and there is no audible signal.

Traffic Pattern
Maryland is 4 lanes, one way north and coming from West Street the left (north) lane is a turn (north only) and travels at the same time as the rest of the start traffic.
West Street –
Northbound (closes to you) is three lanes without a south turn lane because Maryland Street is one-way.
Southbound – four lanes south with two (east turn lanes) and the southbound traffic goes when the northbound traffic goes. The northbound traffic will stop and the turn lanes from West Street on Maryland Street will be permitted to go. The cycle then repeats with Maryland Street going east.

Crossing Maryland Street has about 30 seconds based on Walk/Wait lights and keeping the sound of Maryland Street on your left and the stopped vehicles on southbound West Street will provide a good line of travel.

Across the street, turn right (north) and on your left is a wall that will lead to steps, you may have to come back out toward the street, that lead to the Velocity Restaurant/Bar of the J.E. Marriott. Turn left (west) and go up the steps (5). Turn right (north) and start out staying to the left to avoid outdoor seating and a bike rack separating) continue north and moving toward the right (smoking area on the left), there is a small curb that will take you to the front doors of the J.W. Marriott.

There is carpet at the front doors. On your right (west) is a sliding glass door (Valet) that will take you inside the lobby at the escalators to the second floor – on your left (south). Next you will come to an automatic revolving door, standard double doors and another revolving door.

There is a possibility of going west on Washington Street to the J.W. Marriott hotel, however, after crossing West Street there is no defined path of travel from the corner to the main doors as the area is part of the drive-up to the hotel and valet parking.