The Westin Indianapolis Word Maps - Third Floor

The third floor has the hotel Executive and Administrative Offices, the Pool and Fitness Center, The Board Room (meeting), and guest rooms and suites.

The hallway on the third and all consecutive floors has a north/south orientation. Guest rooms are on the east and west side. The elevator lobby is set off to the west of the main north/south hallway, so as you exit the lobby, you need to go east to access the hallway.

Fitness Center and Pool
On the third floor at the south end of the hallway on your right (west) the third door provides access to the Fitness Center and Pool. You need your room key to access the area. The sensor is located on the right side of the door. As you enter (going west) the fitness center, there is a towel and water station to your right (north). There are three areas in the fitness center. The first is as you enter and on the far west wall are stationary weight machines. To the right (north) are additional resistance machines on the left (west) wall. In north end of the fitness center is cardio workout equipment. On the west wall are treadmills, on the north wall are recumbent cycle machines and treadmills and on the east wall are elliptical machines.
On the north wall at the east side is a ‘family restroom. Directly inside across from the door (north wall) is a shower and to the right (east) a toilet. Room key access is required and the door locks above the level.

The pool is located to the south of the fitness center, and as you enter the fitness center, the pool is located on the south wall. Room key is required to enter the pool area. Inside the door on the south side of the area is a whirlpool with railing and steps to access the whirlpool. The whirlpool is circular, three feet deep and has a seat that goes around the entire area.
To the west of the whirlpool is the swimming pool. There is an approximate 10 deck that surrounds the pool. There chaise lounge chairs on the opposite side (south) wall and a small table between chairs. There is no furniture on any other side of the pool. As you enter (going south) on the right (east wall) is a towel disposal. At the near edge (northeast corner) of the pool is a ladder to access the pool, as well as a ladder at the southwest corner. The pool is 4 feet at all points.
A tour of the Fitness Center/Pool can be included in the orientation tour.

Administrative Offices
The Executive and administrative office occupy the west side of the south hallway from the Pool and Fitness Center to behind the elevator lobby.

Boardroom (not used for any AHEAD conference activities)
The Boardroom is located behind the elevator lobby on the east side and has two entrances located on the north and south side of the elevator lobby.

Guestrooms – the numbering system for guestrooms are similar for all floors and beginning on the forth floor will be repeated in full, but the third floor has deluxe and executive suits that disrupt the regular number pattern. The third floor room numbers begin in the north end of the hallway, on the west wall just past the elevators lobby and begin with XX01 and increase consecutively (e.g. 01, 02, 03….) to the north end with XX08 at the end of the hall way, and XX09 to XX18 next to the Boardroom, XX23-24 (Mayor’s suite) XX25-XX27 Governor’s suite), XX 28 to XX31 to XX33 at the south end of the hall.