Orlando Hilton Word Maps - Bathroom

Bathrooms in singles (King) and doubles (2 Queens) are the same. As you enter the bathroom (door opens into the room) the sink will be on the common wall with the hallway (opposite of the open door). The light switch is on the sink side. Below the light switch is a power outlet. Below the sink close to the door are shelves with towels and a hair dryer. There is a trashcan underneath the sink.

On the sink counter near the door are tissues, and a plate with amenities – has two rolled up washcloths. Soap is in the boxes. Shampoo and conditioner are in the smaller of the three tubes.

Hand towels are located on the sidewall next to the sink.

The toilet is located on the wall opposite of the door to the bathroom and the flush mechanism on the tub side of the tank and toilet paper is on the wall near the sink.

The tub has a double-layered shower curtain – one for inside of the tub. There is a bath mat is on the side of the tub.

The water control for the tub is a single handle that turns clockwise from the 6 o’clock position (9 o’clock is hot). Underneath the water control handle is a ‘push-button’ that activates the shower that will comfortable shower a 6 foot person. There is soap (in a box) on the shelf in the shower.

Bath towels should be place on the hook (behind door) or towel bar to use again. If the towel is left on the floor it will be picked up and laundered.