Orlando Hilton Word Maps - The Market (24 Hours)

The Market is located in the west end on the north side of the corridor past Dave’s Club and a hallway on your right (north) that leads to self-parking.

There are two entrances to The Market. The main entrance is from the corridor, entering from the south side of the Market and on the east side of the Market from the hallway leading to the self-parking. Traveling in the corridor, past Dave’s Club, turn right (north) into the hallway. The side entrance to the Market is the door on your left (west).

As you enter from the corridor (facing north) the Market has:

  • West wall (sandwiches/wraps), salads, drinks (wine, beer, sodas, bottled water) North wall: food preparation, coffee (Starbucks), sandwiches, fruit cups, cookies
  • East wall (east) is the side door chairs and a counter.

Across from the main check out is a service counter with add-to coffee ingredients, napkins.

On the west side is an island with shelves

In the center of the area is a circular island with candies and other sweet treats.