Orlando Hilton Word Maps - Service Dogs

As you exit the main doors to the lobby, stay to the left (east). There will be some chairs and then you will encounter some parked vehicles (Valet Parking). Staying to the right and passing the vehicles is a sidewalk that parallels the building (on your left) and you will pass the outside entrance to Spencer’s Chop and Steak House. On both sides of the sidewalk are bushes and there are a few ‘open’ areas for relief or at the end of the building there is a grassy area (if preferred). Trying to make arrangements with management for a wasted disposal at this point.

A secondary option is to take the hallway (going north) off of the corridor between David’s Club and The Market (kind of across from the entrance to the Lake Meeting Rooms). There is a set of escalators that go down to the group drop-off and pick-up (daily excursions to local theme parks). To the left (west) of the escalators are elevators that will take you down to the lower level. [There is no connection with this lower level and the lower level of the conference area or Bistrol-Fitness Center/Spa or Swimming Pool] As you exit the elevator, turn left (north) and locate the exit doors. A specific location has not been determined not the placement of a trash receptacle, but this will be covered with on-sight orientation.