Westin First Floor Word Map

First Floor

The floor of the hotel lobby is a primarily stone tile with service areas (main hotel registration desk, Bell/Concierge Service, bar, meeting/greet areas and meeting rooms carpeted.) 

As you enter the hotel facing east, there are two sets of automatic sliding doors.  You are entering the main lobby near the northern end of the lobby.    Immediately to the left on the north wall is the entrance to City Bar.   Continuing east past the entrance to the City Bar is the north lobby foyer that accesses O’Connor’s Irish Restaurant, Laugh (night club) Marina Ballroom, and escalators/elevators up to north mezzanine and lower Concourse (described later). 

Across from the main doors on the east wall, going right (south) you will come to the Bell Service on your left.  There is a large pillar (4 by 4 feet) just past the Bell service, and past that pillar on the left is the main hotel registration desk and that is set back approximately 10 feet.  There are 4 stations and the area in front of the registration desk is carpeted.   Continuing past the registration desk is another pillar and just past the pillar is the Concierge Station on the left.   At the south end of the path of travel is the elevator lobby. 

The west wall of the lobby is floor to ceiling glass.  There is a path of travel (north to south) along the west wall although there are planters and chairs next to the glass wall, however there is no outlet to the south east/west hallway.   At the south end of the path of travel between the west wall and across from the Concierge Station is the Birch Bar. There are seats at the bar on the west and north side, and tables and chairs on the east (Concierge) side.   Across from the Bell Station is a meet and greet area with tables and chairs.  Across from the hotel registration desk is a small wall (parallel to the path of travel) with chair and tables between the wall and west wall.

East/West Hallway - past the Concierge Station is an intersecting east/west hallway.  To the left (east) the hallway has the Sauciety Restaurant on the right (south) wall.  Past the restaurant is an elevator that accesses the south mezzanine and south concourse level.  At the end of the hallway are escalators that access the south concourse level and doors to ‘D’ Street.

To the right (west) are escalators (east/west orientation) on the north side of the hallway that take you up to the south mezzanine.  The escalators have a definite sound for locating.

On the main level to the left (south) of the escalators are chairs and tables for guest.  Past the chairs and tables on the right (north) is the inside entrance to Starbucks.

On the south wall opposite the chairs and tables and to the right (west) of the elevator lobby is the gift shop.   The gift shop doors are open during regular business hours and the cashier’s station is in the back (south) left (east) corner.  There are tables and displays in the center and a path of travel on the left (east) and right (west) side.  To the right (west) of the Gift Shop is a north/south hallway with a Fed Ex Business Center on the right (west) wall that has a glass door with the handles protruding into the hallway.

Continuing past the north/south hallway is a Shoe Shine Station and then and ATM.  Past the ATM is an exit to East Side Drive.