Westin Fitness Center and Pool

Fitness Center/Swimming Pool

Located on the south mezzanine.  As you exit the elevator you may hear ambient sounds coming from the lobby (north), turn the opposite direction, south and exit the elevator lobby to the intersecting hallway.  Turn right (west) and walk to the end of the hall.  Turn left (south) and at the end of the hallway is the entrance to the Swimming Pool and Fitness Center.  Turn right and you will come out at the mezzanine near the top of the escalators.  A guest room key card is required for entry.  You will enter a lobby and the door to the swimming pool is directly at the south end of the lobby and to the right (west) is the door to the fitness center.  On the left (east side of the lobby are chairs and a table.

Swimming Pool – Swim at your own risk, no lifeguard on duty.  As you are entering from the north and there is a path of travel (tile floor) on al four sides of the pool with chairs/chaise lounges on the east/south/west sides.   There is a textured tile border around the pool.  The pool is 3 feet deep (north end) and 4 feet deep (south end).  On the north wall there are water fountains, and a dirty towel basket.  There is an emergency telephone on the wall between the water fountains and dirty towel basket.  At the north end of the pool on the east side are steps, and on the south end, west side is a ladder.  On the south end, east side is a ‘hot’ tub.  At the south end on the west wall is a door that accesses the fitness center so that you do not have to go out to the hall way and back in the main door.

Fitness Center – as you enter (going west) the main door to the fitness center on the (west) wall opposite the door are shelves with towel and a refrigerator.  Below them are disposals (trash left – used towels right).  To the left (south) is a water.