Westin General Info Word Map

Boston Westin Hotel
425 Summer Street
Boston, MA 02210


General Information

The hotel has a north/south orientation and has 16 floors and guest rooms begin on the 4th floor.  The first floor has the lobby with the registration desk, Bell and Concierge Service, two restaurants, bar, night club, Starbucks, gift shop, Fed Ex. meeting rooms, elevators and escalators.

There is a mezzanine level (makes up for 2nd and 3rd floors) at the north and south end of the main lobby.  At the south end are meeting rooms, pool/fitness center, and administrative offices.   At the north end are meeting rooms.

There is a Concourse (lower) level that is located down from the main floor and at the north and south ends that have meeting rooms.

The north and south mezzanine and concourse levels do not connect.  It is necessary to take elevators/escalators up or down to the main level, pass through the lobby and then take elevators/escalators up or down to your destination.  Hotel public restrooms have similar layouts – all automatic flush mechanism and motion activated water spigots, soap dispensers (at the 1 o’clock position to the sink) and paper towel dispensers.