Westin Guest Bathroom


The bathroom is tiled.  The sink/vanity is along the outside common wall with the hallway.  The sink has two levers for operation.  Near the door is the tissue dispenser, washcloths and body lotion (tube).   At the other end of the vanity is a mirror, and a power outlet on the sidewall.  There plastic glasses next to the sink.

Underneath the vanity is an open shelf with hair dryer and extra toilet paper.

The toilet is located on the wall opposite the bathroom door with toilet paper on the wall next to the vanity.  The toilet flushes but pressing a button in the center of the top of the tank.

A trashcan is located between the toilet and the vanity.

The bathtub/shower heads are located on the wall opposite from the bathroom door.  The water control valve turns clockwise from 6 o’clock to approximately 10 o’clock.  Pulling up on a knob on top of the spigot activates the showerhead.  There is also a detachable hand unit that is activated by turning the knob on the wall.  In the corner of the shower near the showerhead is a basket with shampoo, conditioner and body wash.

Towels are located on a rack on the wall opposite the showerhead.

A bathmat is on the rim of the tub.


Make a Green Choice

Earn Rewards when you conserve

For each night you forgo full housekeeping

You help save

37.2 gallons of water

25,000 BTU of natural gas

0.19 kWh of electricity

7 oz. of cleaning products chemicals

You’ll receive

$5.00 to spend at participating food and beverage venues of 500 SPG Starpoints


To participate and receive your rewards, call the front desk before 2:00 a.m.  If you would rather not take part in the program, let the front desk know and leave towels to be cleaned on the floor.