2015 Poster Sessions & Handouts

A DSS Office's Journey Down the Documentation Review Highway

 Mary Barrows–Northeastern University
Jennifer Newton–Northeastern University

The intersection of disability and environment: A case study of two individuals on an accessible earth science fieldtrip

Julie Hendricks–University of Cincinnati
Christopher Atchison–University of Cincinnati

Accessibility: It's a Campus Thing

Lyla Crawford–DO-IT, University of Washington

Athletic Rivalries and Web Accessibility: Who is in the Sweet 16 this Year?

Jon Gunderson–University of Illinois

Comprehensive Services Aimed at the Transitional Needs of Veterans/Wounded Warriors in Higher Education

Dustin Lange–University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

Susann Heft-Sears–University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

Creating Accessible Engineering Labs: An Accessibility Checklist

Lyla Crawford–DO-IT, University of Washington

Generation Access: Why You Should Know & Care About Study Abroad

 Michele Scheib–Mobility International USA

Pre-enrollment Considerations of Undergraduate Wheelchair Users and their Post-enrollment Transitions

Larry Markle–Ball State University
Roger Wessel–Ball State University
Darolyn Jones–Ball State University
Christina Blanch–Ball State University

The Let Me Learn Process©: A System of Learning that Promotes Autonomy and Inclusion for Postsecondary Students

Lisa Webb–Virginia Commonwealth University
Amy Miller–Virginia Commonwealth University
Emily West–Virginia Commonwealth University

Today's College Student with Blindness/Low Vision: Holistic Education Practices

 Rachel McDonald–The College of William and Mary

Universal Design for Learning in Distance Education: From Concept to Practice

 Scott Kupferman–University of Colorado

Students with Disabilities and STEM: Lessons from a Decade of NSF Funding

Linda Thurston–Kansas State University
Cindy Shuman–Office of Educational Innovation and Evaluation
Julia Jackson-Newsom, PhD and UNCG Project Director for College STAR
Jan Middendorf–National Science Foundation

Sustainability, Access, and Retention for Students With Disabilities at the University of Nairobi

Shadé Osifuye–University of Minnesota

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