Webinar: The Impact of Early School Disability Discrimination on Postsecondary Disability Services

When:  Feb 21, 2019 from 3:00 PM to 4:30 PM (ET)

Presented by: William Eidtson, Ed.D., Dartmouth College and Alicia Brandon, M.Ed., Dartmouth  College

Recent research continues to show that eligible, minority, primary and secondary school students are significantly less likely to be identified for special education services than otherwise identical white students. This raises a question: how does unequitable disability resource allocation rooted in discriminatory practices in the early school years influence the ways in which minority students perceive and interact with disability services at the postsecondary level? In this webinar, we will explore this question by briefly updating participants on recent research on disability misidentification in primary and secondary education and how this can complicate the work of postsecondary disability services. We will then have a practical discussion of how disability services might be sensitive and responsive to the needs of various minority students whose prior experiences may leave them skeptical, stigmatized, or otherwise unable to take advantage of services to which they are entitled. This webinar is highly recommended by AHEAD’s REDD SIG.