WEBINAR: Disability Services and the Fine Line Between Accommodating and Counseling

When:  Mar 22, 2018 from 3:00 PM to 4:30 PM (ET)

Presenters:  Jane Thierfeld Brown, Yale Child Study and  College Autism Spectrum and Lorre Wolf, Boston University

As Disability Service providers, we often find ourselves on a tightrope. Are we counselors who listen to students and understand the everyday challenges of life as a college student with a disability? Are we gatekeepers of reasonable accommodations, focused solely on maintaining the integrity of courses and the curriculum? Are we educators, working to enhance each student’s learning and potential; student advocates or institutional employees? And, what about our role with faculty, who often want us to “take care of” all student issues? Are we expected to be all things to all people, and how is that possible? What guidelines are there to provide direction when we find ourselves on that tightrope? We will discuss this balancing act and professional principles that guide the work.