WEBINAR: Developmental Course and Treatment of ADHD During College

When:  Feb 15, 2018 from 3:00 PM to 4:30 PM (ET)

Presenters: Arthur D. Anastropoulos, Ph.D., University of North Carolina Greensborough & CHADD

In fall 2017, AHEAD offered two webinars in partnership with CHADD on understanding ADHD and providing access, support, and accommodations for students with ADHD. Continuing that partnership, this webinar begins with a description of the challenges and successes that college students with ADHD experience from their first year in college through their fourth year. In addition to describing the developmental course of ADHD symptoms and executive functioning features, developmental changes in educational, emotional, and social functioning across this same 4-year period; treatment service utilization; and implications for assessment and treatment will be discussed. Information for this presentation will be drawn from a 5-year NIMH funded, multi-site longitudinal investigation: Trajectories Related to ADHD in College (TRAC) Project.

The second portion of the webinar will focus on the development and implementation of a cognitive-behavioral treatment (CBT) program for college students with ADHD: Accessing Campus Connections and Empowering Student Success (Access). Topics to be covered include:

  • the rationale for using ACCESS;
  • its presumed mechanisms of change- ADHD knowledge, behavioral strategies, adaptive thinking skills);
  • how it is delivered, through group CBT and individual mentoring;
  • its duration, i
  • ncluding an initial active phase semester followed by a one semester maintenance phase; and
  • its targets for therapeutic change, including educational, emotional, and social functioning, along with use of campus support services.

Empirical evidence supporting the use of ACCESS will be discussed, based upon findings from an open clinical trial and an ongoing IES funded 4-year randomized controlled trial.

To learn more about this webinar and to register, please visit: www.ahead.org/events-programming/webinars/ahead-to-you-webinars