WEBINAR: The Legal Year in Review, Round II

When:  Sep 29, 2021 from 02:00:00 PM to 04:00:00 PM (ET)

For unavoidable reasons, the annual presentation of the Legal Year in Review can seem like “drinking from a fire hose.”  The objective of this webinar is to select fewer cases for presentation in greater depth, cover some important legal developments that have occurred since July, and provide some real time for questions and answers.  For the Q & A session, our presenter, AHEAD Executive Counsel, Paul Grossman will be joined by Jamie Axelrod, past President of AHEAD and Director of Disability Resources at Northern Arizona University. 

Topics to be covered include:

  • New Federal guidance on whether persons with COVID are individuals with disabilities
  • Constitutional challenges to mandatory vaccination and masking requirements
  • Digital test surveillance
  • Accommodation of students with ID or ASD in due process disciplinary hearings
  • The first case with an effective challenge to the use of a bona fide service animal by an individual with a well-documented disability
  • What receives attention when DOJ does a campus compliance review
  • The unique importance of protections against retaliation for persons with disabilities
  • The scope of the duty to accommodate students with disabilities in education abroad programs
  • When and whether postsecondary students with disabilities will be able to use disparate impact analysis to address discriminatory policies and practices


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