SUMMER WEBINAR SERIES: Part 2: Working with Students on COVID Accommodations

When:  Jun 17, 2021 from 03:00:00 PM to 05:00:00 PM (ET)
AHEAD is convening two separate panels early this summer to come together to talk through how campuses may approach the thorny questions that returning to campus means for those with disabilities. Neither panel will be presenting “Here is how your school should do this.” Instead, panelists with differing backgrounds and approaches will offer multiple perspectives on the considerations and processes schools might apply to reach the conclusion that is the best fit for them. There will be dedicated time during each panel to address questions from attendees.

Part 2: Working with Students on COVID Accommodations

Moderator:   Jamie Axelrod, Northern Arizona University

Panelists:  Adam Crawford, Ohio State University; Enjie Hall, University of Toledo; Ian Kunkes, Virginia Commonwealth University

This panel will examine the logistics of creating COVID-related accommodations. Representatives from the disability offices of several schools will offer their perspectives on issues such as: What medical documentation may be required to support COVID accommodation requests? Could there be a separate form/process for COVID requests, apart from other disability requests? How might requests for exemptions to vaccine and mask policies be handled? Are housing accommodations for COVID-related reasons ever warranted? And any other accommodation issues and questions you face.

The processes and procedures underlying how disability offices should handle these decisions will be discussed, with the inherent assumption that in many cases there is no one right decision: different conclusions may be reached by different schools depending on particular circumstances. The important part is that the proper process was followed to get there! Join this panel to hear them describe theirs.