Affiliates Update

Katy Washington, Lead Affiliate Representative
Terra Beethe, BOD Affiliate Liaison

Did you know that AHEAD has 35 regional affiliates across the United States? In the next six issues of the HUB, we will feature a different region of the United States, highlighting the affiliates located in that particular area. We will share contact information and a unique fact or two about each of the affiliates located in our focused region. This issue our focus will be on the Southeast!

Image of Southeastern USA

Alabama AHEAD will celebrate ten years as an AHEAD affiliate this July.
President: Tamara Massey-Garrett,

Ark-AHEAD (Arkansas) was established as a statewide organization in 1995 and became an AHEAD affiliate in November 2002.
President: Reed Claiborne,

Florida AHEAD held its spring conference, Narrowing the Gulf, in March 2016. Ms. Vanessa Lloyd was the 2017 Dr. Ken Marquard Service Excellence recipient.
President: Deborah Larew,

Georgia AHEAD became an affiliate in April 2004. Membership has grown to over 85 persons representing 2- and 4-year public and private colleges and technical schools around the state.
President: Kimberly Tanner,

KY AHEAD (Kentucky) held its first state conference in May 1999. In 2001, they became an affiliate of AHEAD.
President: Leisa Pickering,

Mississippi AHEAD (inactive)
We are currently looking for leaders in Mississippi to help revitalize Mississippi AHEAD. Contact Terra Beethe, or Katy Washington, if interested.

North Carolina AHEAD had its beginnings at an informal get together of 27 North Carolina postsecondary disability service providers attending the National AHEAD Conference in Columbus, Ohio in 1994. This summer, NC AHEAD will celebrate its thirteenth year as an AHEAD affiliate.
President: Stephen Gray,

South Carolina AHEAD recently adopted their new organization name. Previously they were known as SUCCEEDS (South Carolina University & College Council of Educators Empowering Disabled Students). SC AHEAD has been an AHEAD affiliate for 10 years.
President: Tina Vires,

Tennessee AHEAD is in its twenty-first year. Each year TNAHEAD honors one professional with the Dona Sparger Professional Service award; Sparger was Tennessee’s first Disability Provider.
Email: or
President: Kathy Lutes Ebel,

AHEAD in Virginia was voted by the AHEAD Board of Directors to become an affiliate in November 2004. The affiliate hosts an annual conference each spring.
President: Beth Ann Dickie,

West Virginia
AHEAD does not currently have a formulized affiliate for this state. To learn about how to create an affiliate in the state of West Virginia, please visit for more information.

Updates from regional affiliates:

AHEAD in Texas will be hosted its 24th annual conference entitled “Capturing Our Capital: 25 years of the ADA” April 13-15, 2016 in Austin, TX on the University of Texas campus. Mr. Lex Frieden was be the key note speaker and conference topics covered a broad spectrum of subjects ranging from policy and best practices to social media and outreach to student identity and intersectionality.

Minnesota and Wisconsin AHEAD joined forces again for a joint spring AHEAD conference. Five years ago, Minnesota crossed state lines to partner with Wisconsin AHEAD (Association on Higher Education and Disability). This time, Wisconsin is came to Minnesota. The Minnesota/Wisconsin AHEAD Conference was held on Thursday and Friday, April 14th and 15th, 2016 in Stillwater, Minnesota.

Oklahoma AHEAD hosted its annual spring conference entitled “Staying ok-AHEAD of the Game” on April 7-8, 2016, at Southern Nazarene University in Bethany, Oklahoma. Ms. Claudia Otto, a Clinical Assistant Professor at Oklahoma State University was the keynote speaker and presented about promoting the successful transition of students with disabilities to higher education. Other conference topics included how to orient students with disabilities to your campus, self-advocacy/student perspectives, legal updates, OCR and you, and hot topics such as Section 508, assistance/service animals, flexible attendance as an accommodation and sexual assault safety.