This section contains useful information and tools from various sources to help Disability Service Professionals enhance their work. You can download the following: AHEAD Code of Ethics (Microsoft Word document, 23 KB) AHEAD Professional Standards (Microsoft Word document, 34KB) AHEAD Program Standards (Microsoft Word document, 57 KB) You can review the AHEAD Job Posting Guidelines here.

Updated professional guidance - Supporting Accommodation Requests: Guidance on Documentation Practices. This guidance was developed at the direction of the AHEAD Board of Directors, unanimously approved in April, 2012, and supersede previous AHEAD guidance on disability documentation. This conceptual framework will guide disability professionals in higher education as they make informed accommodation determinations.

Disability History - 2015 marked the 25th Anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act, but the struggle for civil rights has been a part of our history for much longer Refocus: A Resource Partnership for DS Professionals - Disability resource professionals set the tone for how a campus frames and responds to disability. Refocus was created as a tool for examining the role the resource office can play in challenging stereotypes and creating truly equitable environments. You are invited to explore core values that anchor us to the goal of minimizing the need for accommodations and to examine practices that will influence the campus narrative around disability. AHEAD White Paper on Students with Intellectual Disabilities and Campus Disability Services Following the 2008 passage of the Higher Education Opportunity Act, much attention has been given to developing inclusive programs in higher education for students with developmental and intellectual disabilities.  AHEAD members have questions about the impacts on traditional DRS services.  AHEAD responded by collaborating with other organizations such as Think College! on information gathering and best practice suggestions.  A White Paper on the topic, published July 2011 is available below.  Additionally a Task Force was established by the Board of Directors to continue work on this vital area; Board Member Tom Thompson heads the Task Force and developed the White Paper.  For additional information, contact Tom Thompson at Download MS Word copy

WHO/World Bank World report on disability The first ever World Health Organization/World Bank report on disability reviews evidence about the situation of people with disabilities around the world. 

The College Diabetes Network (CDN) is a national 501c3 non-profit organization, whose mission is to provide innovative peer based programs which connect and empower students and young professionals to thrive with diabetes. CDN offers a wide array of resources and programs for students and young adults living with Type 1. These include digital and print resources outlining how to make the transition to life on campus, for both students and parents. Online, the CDN website serves as "The Hub" for a variety of information on everything from scholarships, tips on how to talk to friends, registering for accommodations and much much more. On campus, students can connect with other Type 1 students through the CDN Chapter Network. These student-led campus groups allow for students to connect with other students who "get it. CDN Chapters hold meetings, fundraise, advocate, and raise awareness on campus and in their communities. Finally, CDN works with the support system each young adult with Type 1 depends on, their family, friends, medical team, and campus partners. CDN serves as a resource for these groups as well so they can learn how to best support young adults with Type 1.

The AHEAD E-text Solutions Group offers resources to meet your students' digital text needs.

Links for DSS Professionals online resources related to disability and higher education.

ACT Now (Achieving College Transitions Now) Description:ACT Now is a comprehensive program of tools, training materials and information developed by Northampton Community College to support a successful transition from high school to post-secondary education for students with disabilities, their parents and K-12 educators through a secondary to post secondary collaborative model. ACT Now is designed for use by post-secondary disability services providers and high school educators.

Description: PEPNet's mission is to improve transition services and educational access for students who are deaf or hard of hearing including those with co-occurring disabilities, thus enhancing educational opportunities. PEPNet offers consultation, training, professional development, cutting-edge technical assistance and other resources to educational institutions.
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