The AHEAD Technology Access Series for 2015-2016

AHEAD’s Standing Committee on Technology is pleased to offer you another year of our popular Technology Access Series. This Webinar series will help us look at technology used by students to mitigate barriers, while sharing best practices in areas where technology and disability in higher education intersect. Our offerings this year include “how to” sessions, examinations of policy/procedure, and demonstrations of innovative collaborations with other departments. We hope you will find them informative and useful, and as always, welcome your comments and input.

AHEAD to You webinars use AdobeConnect software with built-in real-time captioning and toll-free telephone lines for enhanced audio capability. All instructions for participation in our webinars will be sent to you upon paid registration.

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October 27, 2015
How to Evaluate Technology for Accessibility

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Terrill Thompson-University of Washington
Our colleges and universities are increasingly reliant on information technologies (IT) that are procured from vendors. How can we tell whether these IT products are accessible? This session will explore issues, methods, and strategies for evaluating IT products and helping to influence their accessibility. The session will include practice activities evaluating products, and is rated NT (Non Technical).

Audience: All

November 10, 2015
Accessibility Options for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Students: CART, Text Interpreting, and Post-Production Captioning of Online Videos

T.J. DiGrazia-PostCAP, LLC
Participants will have the opportunity to review the key technical requirements for implementing speech-to-text services for students who are deaf or hard of hearing in a traditional classroom and online setting. Participants will also have the opportunity to go through a complete overview of post-production captioning of online video content. Participants will have a chance to learn about the Universal Design vs. Student-Centered captioning approaches when it comes to outsourcing or building an in-house post-production captioning department.

Audience: All

December 8, 2015
Lessons Learned: How the University of Colorado Boulder is Addressing Digital Accessibility?

Jill Schneider-University of Colorado, Boulder
With information and communication technology (ICT) evolving at a rapid pace, institutions are finding it difficult to remain proactive in implementing digital accessibility standards. This group of IT and DS staff will share the University of Colorado Boulder's Department of Justice investigation and what your institution is experiencing regarding ICT accessibility (Google apps, placement exams, learning management systems, etc.).

Audience: All

January 19, 2016
Small School; Big Changes: Growing Your Higher Ed Assistive Technology Program

Rachel Kruzel-Augsburg College
An Assistive Technology Provider provides methods, tools, resources, and ideas for building your Assistive Technology program and providing increased services to your students. Using the QIAT-PS as the baseline for service delivery measurement, new initiatives and projects were developed to help increase Assistive Technology use and delivery with students in the Disability Services Office and campus-wide at Augsburg College.

Audience: All

February 16, 2016
What’s AT? I’m Not a Tech Geek - HELP!

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Heidi Scher-University of Arkansas
Teresa Haven-Northern Arizona University
Not a tech geek? Stumbling over what to do for students who need alternative formats or assistive technology? Not sure how to even get started? Come on in and let's talk! We'll discuss the basics of how to begin developing your AT expertise as well as how to work with students who need AT.

Audience: Novice

March 15, 2016
The Student Interview: A Tool for Gaining Essential Information

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Melanie Thornton-University of Arkansas
Teresa Haven-Northern Arizona University
Others TBD
Understanding a student’s disability experience is a core skill for disability resource professionals that involves the ability to listen, ask informed questions, reflect, analyze, and apply professional judgment. The initial conversation with the student is a powerful tool in acquiring the information necessary for decision-making and often sets the tone for the student’s perception of the disability resource office. In this session, the facilitators will discuss strategies and provide a model for the student interview process that uses self-report, professional judgment, and third-party documentation to focus on barrier removal in physical and virtual environments and create a campus culture of access and inclusion.

Audience: All

April 5, 2016
The Story of a Campus Map: Accessibility, GIS, and Campus Partners

Lauren Copeland-Glenn-Northern Arizona University
Others TBD
This presentation will describe the inter-departmental collaboration and decision protocols involved in developing a GIS-based university campus map that is fully accessible to assistive technology through careful Geodatabase design, as well as providing pertinent accessible routing information using GIS network tools.

Audience: All

May 10, 2016
Creating Accessible PDF Documents

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Jayme Johnson-California Online Education Initiative
Join Jayme Johnson for an overview and demonstration of how to create accessible PDF documents with Acrobat Pro. Find out about common access concepts and issues, and learn about the tools available in Acrobat Pro that can make the process of enhancing for accessibility easier to manage.

Audience: All

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