AHEAD 2017 Proposal Submission Information

Equity and Excellence: Access in Higher Education

July 17-22, 2017 The Orlando Hilton Orlando, Florida


Please read carefully


Submission Instructions

  • All proposals must be submitted electronically through the submission portal
  • Prepare a copy of your proposal in a word document. You can then cut and paste it into the submission form and maintain a copy for your records.
  • Go to the Proposal Submission page and register for an account. After you request an account, you will receive an email verifying your account. Do not complete the proposal form until after you have received your account information via email. You must be logged in to submit a proposal.
  • Click “Submit Your Proposal” only when you are satisfied with the proposal. You will not be able to edit your proposal online once it is submitted. If you make an error, please email:
  • Verify that you receive a confirmation message with proposal number ID. If you do not, your proposal has not been received. Please contact to follow-up.
  • DEADLINE: November 8, 2016

Session Type and Length

The Proposal Form asks you to identify the preferred length of your presentation; however, to fit the schedule and program you may be asked to present in a different time block, to join your presentation with colleagues presenting on a similar topic, to present as part of a panel discussion, or to offer your information as a poster presentation. Equity & Excellence: Access in Higher Education includes the following presentation options:

  • Preconference Institutes: Participants register for these optional, longer (half-day or full-day) instructional sessions in addition to their conference registration fees. Therefore, Preconference Institutes are carefully selected to augment conference sessions and share in-depth information critical to disability resource professionals. If you submit a Preconference proposal, you will be contacted individually to discuss the proposal.
  • 90-minute concurrent sessions: In 2017, the number of 90-minute time blocks will be reduced and used primarily for panel or group presentations.
  • 60-minute concurrent sessions: Break-out presentations. A maximum of 12 presentations will be offered simultaneously, and in some concurrent blocks there will be fewer options.
  • 60-minute roundtable presentations: These highly interactive discussion sessions should focus on a provocative or innovative topic. Proposers should be sure to highlight discussion questions and expected outcomes in their presentation descriptions. By necessity, the audience size will be limited.
  • AHEAD Talks (15-20 minutes): Recognizing the impact of TED Talks, we are excited to explore the effectiveness of short, dynamic talks in presenting provocative, novel, and inspirational ideas that challenge traditional perspectives. Conference planners will work closely with those accepted to present AHEAD Talks to offer guidance and review.
  • Poster Presentations (90 minutes): Content is shared through a poster and conversation with participants. The format is especially well-suited to research and topics with an academic focus.

Presenter Qualifications

Please provide specific information that supports your qualifications to present on this particular topic and your overall experience in giving professional presentations. Reviewers will be looking for evidence of your competency in the topic area as compared to other potential presenters.

Please note that you are limited to 1,000 characters for each presenter’s bio. Therefore, cutting and pasting your complete resume in the form is not possible, although you are welcome to attach resumes for yourself and your co-presenters to supplement the shorter qualifications you submit as a part of the form.

Presenter Requirements

All presenters are required to register for the conference. AHEAD cannot provide financial support for travel. Conference registration information will be available in March, 2017.

Consistent with AHEAD’s commitment to accessibility and sustainability, all presenters must agree to the following:

  • All handouts and presentation support materials, including PowerPoint presentations, must be electronically provided to AHEAD by June 30, 2017. (See above “Additional Information” for information on creating accessible materials.) These materials will be posted on AHEAD’s website for participant download.
  • Any videos used at the conference must be captioned. Video captioning is the responsibility of the presenter.
  • Presenters must verbally describe any visual aids used during a session.
  • Presenters must agree to permit the Program Committee and AHEAD Staff to edit the proposed abstract, session length, and format.
  • Lead presenters whose proposals are accepted through the Call for Proposals must sign and return the Conference Presenter’s Agreement form that will be sent upon proposal acceptance.

Proposal Review and Selection Criteria

All proposals will be reviewed by professional peers recruited from the AHEAD membership. Reviewers will be instructed to consider the following criteria in recommending proposals for presentation.

  • CLARITY: Does your abstract provide a clear, succinct overview of the presentation? Have you summarized the purpose of your presentation? Are the concepts, and ideas you want to convey easily identified and clearly communicated?
  • RELEVANCE: Have you clearly described why and how the information you will present is important to enhancing equity in higher education? Have you clearly described why and how the information you will present is essential for AHEAD members?
  • INNOVATION: Is your presentation forward-thinking, cutting-edge, or provocative? Have you clearly described how it will offer novel information?
  • FOCUS: Is your proposed presentation grounded in equity and civil rights? Have you provided evidence that systemic change will be discussed and promoted?
  • INCLUSION: Does your presentation offer a variety of perspectives, either through a diversity of presenters or other intentional strategies? Have you incorporated a variety of presentation strategies to reach a diverse audience?
  • PRESENTER QUALIFICATIONS: Have you and your co-presenters clearly demonstrated your qualifications for offering this presentation?

Note: To ensure that the AHEAD Conference includes diverse and representative perspectives, the conference committee will accept no more than two proposals from any individual presenter from the CRP process. Some content experts will be specifically invited to speak on topics crucial to the membership. As a result, some presenters may be highly represented in the final conference program.

Presenter Notification

AHEAD will notify presenters of their proposal’s status in late January to early February.