Global Organizations

DAISY Consortium
The DAISY Consortium strives to make e-books accessible for everyone by contributing to the development of open accessible standards (DAISY, EPUB 3) and supporting inclusive publishing efforts around the world.

Disabled People’s International (DPI)
The Disabled People's International promotes full and equal participation of persons with disabilities into action. Its Member National Assemblies (MNAs) are focused on capacity building, and empowerment of people with disabilities in their countries and over half of them are based in the developing world.

Disability Rights International
The Disability Rights International promotes the human rights and full participation in society of people with disabilities worldwide. Their Worldwide Campaign to End the Institutionalization of Children seeks to draw attention to, and the pervasive and abusive practice of institutionalizing children with disabilities.

International Council for Education of People with Visual Impairment (ICEVI)
The International Council for Education of People with Visual Impairment is a global association of individuals and organizations that promotes equal access to appropriate education for all children and youth with visual impairment so that they may achieve their full potential.

International Disability Alliance (IDA)
The International Disability Alliance promotes the effective and full implementation of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (UN CRPD) worldwide, as well as compliance with the CRPD within the UN system, through the active and coordinated involvement of representative organizations of persons with disabilities at the national, regional and international levels.

World Institute on Disability
The World Institute on Disability promotes long-term systems change, and past achievements in public policy research and advocacy have resulted in far-reaching and influential legislative and policy changes to improve the lives of people with disabilities in the areas of human rights, education, information technology, employment, economic security, transportation and international development.