SIG Meeting Dates and Times

The Special Interest Group (SIG) Chairs and Co-Chairs are looking forward to connecting with you in Indianapolis! Many of them have already reached out to members who identified SIGs affiliation as a part of their membership. If you would like to view the SIG choices you made during your registration or connect with other groups, you can do so by logging into your AHEAD account at , selecting “Log in” in the upper right corner, and scrolling to the bottom of your member demographic page.

The SIGs will be meeting in Indianapolis at the following times; as you see, some have already structured dynamic agendas for those meetings while other meetings will be built on the issues you bring:

ADA Coordinators; Friday 7:45-8:45
Discussion of future direction for the SIG, including developing a purpose statement and goals and objectives for the SIG. Also discussion of updating the webpage; developing resources for the membership; developing a template to investigate ADA complains; considering best practices for investigating grievances; looking at interpretation and application of the law in higher education; and considering methods to promote inclusion through campus collaborations.

Autism/Asperger; Wednesday 12:45-1:45

Blind/Visual Impairment; Thursday 12:45-1:45

Career Planning/Placement; Thursday 12:45-1:45
Greg Fehriback, conference opening plenary speaker, will join the group to continue to discuss career planning/placement for disabled students and the role disability service personnel can play. The SIG is actively working with AHEAD leaders to change the culture in disability services to enhance career services collaborations.

Community Colleges; Wednesday, 12:45-1:45
Brief discussion of how a two-year college started to collaborate with its testing center to better serve students with disabilities; time for networking; door prizes!

Deaf and Hard of Hearing; Wednesday 12:45-1:45
Expect a lively discussion this pepnet year. Discussion will follow-up on member input regarding the DHH SIG web pages, professional development needs, communication, and networking throughout the year.

Disability Studies; Wednesday 12:45-1:45

Graduate and Professional Students “GAP;” Thursday 7:45-8:45
Join us for a discussion of the most pressing issues for students with disabilities in graduate and professional programs. We will build a network of support for working in this nuanced area.

LD-AD/HD- TWO meetings: Thursday 12:45 & Friday 7:45-8:45
Please attend if you’re interested in serving as the SIG Co-Chair

LGBTQA; Thursday 12:45-1:45
This group also has a list of people interested from the membership rosters. Jen plans to send something out and has put forward a number of initiatives in concert with Adam Crawford, from the Standing Committee on Diversity.

Online and Distance Learning; Thursday 12:45-1:45

Private Colleges- Lori Colchagoff ( and Gabriella Tempestoso ( Thursday 12:45-1:45

Mental Health-Thursday 12:45-1:45
The meeting will be hosted by members of the AHEAD Board of Directors since Barb Blacklock, the Chair, won’t be able to attend the conference. If you’re interested in Co-Chairing and/or setting the agenda for the group over the next year, please come!

Racial and Ethnic Diversity and Diversity (REDD); Wednesday 12:45-1:45
The following topics will be discussed: AHEAD Budget Requests/Completion; REDD SIG mission review; AHEAD Web presence for the group; and elections. There will also be time for open discussion.

Student Athletes with Disabilities; Thursday 12:45-1:45

Technology; Thursday 7:45-8:45

Veterans with Disabilities in Higher Education; TWO Meetings: Wednesday, 12:45-1:45 & Friday, 7:45-8:45.
Learn who we are, what we do, and how you can get involved. We’ll guide you through some best practices for supporting student veterans on your campus and discuss our current goals and objectives. We hope to learn from each other and help make your work with veterans more effective. Please bring your laptop, tablet or smartphones to see the virtual workspace.