J.W. Marriott Word Maps - First Floor

First Floor (The floor of the lobby is tile)
The entrance to the J.W. Marriott is a covered drive and as you arrive and enter the hotel (going west) there are two motion-activated revolving doors with a standard hinged door in between. The hinged doors are a double set with a vestibule. There is a mat that runs the length of the entrance in front of all doors.

With the exception of a few areas: lobby, restaurants, pool/fitness center, the floor covering is primarily carpet.

Registration Desk
The first floor has a north/south orientation and is basically divided into three parts. As you enter (going west), you will be in the main lobby with the hotel registration desk on the opposite (west) wall. There are multiple ‘stations’ with an opening between each at the registration desk, however, it is the general policy that a staff member will be present in the lobby to greet and assist.

As you face the registration desk, to the right (north) end is the Bell Service.

West side
To the left (south) of the lobby is an escalator to the second floor. Next to the escalators is the Concierge Station. There are two large square columns (that are part of the building structure) that separate the Concierge’s Station and the main lobby. Continuing west past the Concierge’s Station and facing the registration desk there is a hallway on your left (south) that leads to the High Velocity Restaurant/Bar and restrooms

East Side
The east side of the first floor has the Great Room, elevators to guest rooms and conference meeting room, Lobby Bar and the Osteria Pronto Restaurant.

As you are facing the registration desk to your right is the Great Room for casual meetings –chairs/tables, couches in assorted formations, the area of the Great Room is carpeted. There is a north/south corridor on the east (just as you come in the main entrance – turn right (north)) that goes along the east side of the Great Room that ends at the Lobby Bar on your left. Access to the Great Room from the east side is a matter of locating an opening between furniture.

From the registration desk to your right (north) is the lobby corridor that passes on the west side of the Great Room. Along the west wall (left side) will be an opening that provides access to the elevator lobby for floors L – 4 and 23 to 33. Continuing north, with the Great Room on your right (east) the next opening on your left (west) will be the elevator lobby that serve floors L – 22.

At the north end of the lobby corridor on your right is the lobby bar and continuing north you will enter Osteria Pronto Restaurant.