The Westin Indianapolis Word Maps - Second Floor

The second floor of the Westin has on the north end, above the hotel registration desk lobby, Shula’s Steakhouse and No Name Lounge. At the south end is the Grand Ballroom, meeting rooms and the escalator down to the first floor.

From the first floor.
As you exit the elevator on the second floor (elevator lobby is carpet) turn north and exit the elevator lobby. The floor cover is wood and turn east. There is a railing and an overlook of the central lobby. Turn left (north) and you will enter Shula’s Steak House and No Name Lounge
As you exit the top of the escalator (facing south) turn left (east) and east wall. Turn left (north) and continue to Shula’s. There are tables and chairs along the wall. The floor covering will change to wood as you approach the back (wall) of the elevator lobby.

Shula’s Steakhouse – breakfast, lunch and dinner

As you approach Shula’s the host station will be on your left in the hallway. There are various parts of the dinner room so the host will seat you and staff will assist you out to the host station when leaving. The No Name Lounge is located on the left (west) side as you enter the dining area, with the bar on the west and north wall. Seating is available at the bar and there are tables and chairs near the bar area, and again, the host will be glad to assist.

The restrooms are located on the south side of the elevator lobby. The Men’s restroom is located on the south wall across from the elevator lobby. The Women’s restroom is located on the west wall, turn right out of the elevator lobby