The Westin Indianapolis Word Maps - Hallways and Guest Rooms

The floors four through fourteen have a similar layout and numbering system. The hallways have a north/south orientation with the elevator lobby in the center of the hallway. The numbers begin in the north end of the hallway, on the west wall just past the elevators lobby and begin with XX01 and increase consecutively (e.g. 01, 02, 03….) to the north end with XX08 at the north end of the hall way. XX09 is on the east side of the hall and the numbers run consecutively, including XX13, to XX33 at the south end of the hallway. XX34 is on the west side and the numbers are consecutive to XX39. The hall then continues north to the elevator lobby.
There is a connecting hallway behind the elevator lobby that provides access to XX40/41 (Suite), and then XX42 to XX46 where the hallway returns back to the north/south hall. As you leave the elevator lobby going north, turn left (west) to access the hallway, or going sound out of the elevator lobby, turn right (west) to access the hallway which is parallel to the elevator lobby.
Emergency Stairs are located at the north end near XX06 and across from XX11 and on the south end near XX35 and across from XX30. The stairs are basically switchback (down one flight, turn one hundred eighty degrees and then down a flight. As you enter the stairwell, there is an emergency house phone on the wall.

Guest Rooms
Next to the Emergency stairs is the Ice and Soda vending room and a room key is required to access the area.

Doors to the guest rooms set back approximately 10 inches and basically paired, e.g. XX01/XX02 in the setback and the wall protrudes until the next set of doors. The hallway is approximately 6 feet wide.

Room and braille numbers are on the (protruding wall). The ‘sensor’ card reader to unlock the door is located approximately four inches above the lever handle.

Inside the room the entrance to the bath is on the same side as the lever of the outside door and a closet between the bath and the bedroom.

The closet has and ironing board and a bathroom.

If the bedroom is a King, there will be a nightstand on either side and if the room is a Double Queen, there is one nightstand between the beds. Lamps on the nightstands have a toggle switch on the base of the lamp.. Across from the bed(s) is the dresser with three drawers in the center and a flat screen TV on top.
To the right of the three drawers is a door that access a small refrigerator and ice bucket and glasses on a pullout tray above the refrigerator

Next to the dresser close to the window is a desk and chair and on the desk is a telephone (only one in the room) and a ‘power station’ (two outlets) for charging electronic devices. In most rooms, between the bed and outside (window) wall is a chair or love seat.
The windows have two sets of curtains, sheers next to the window and blackout inside the room. Curtains (both sets) are opened and closed by pulling the plastic rods toward or away from the center of the window. Please note that during the day, house keeping will open the curtains when the room is refreshed.

Located on the common wall between bathroom and sleeping area approximately five feet from the floor. The operate the thermostat
There are three horizontal buttons
Off/Auto – Fan – Display
On the right side or two vertical buttons
Increase temperature
Decrease temperature

There is one phone in the room and located on the desk. The handset is wireless
The buttons on the phone are:

Messages – Limo Service – Service Express – Reservations – Emergency

1 – 2 – 3
Volume up – 4 – 5 – 6 (5 has a raised dot)
Volume down – 7 – 8 – 9
Star – 0 – pound sign

Speaker – Page – Mute – Redial – Hold
Line Messages (flashing)

As you enter the bathroom, the sink is on the wall directly in front of you. On the wall closest to the sleeping area is the tub and the toilet is on the opposite side of the sink. Extra towels are located on a rack above the toilet. Toilet paper dispenser is located on the wall next to the toilet and the toilet has a manual flush handle on the front left near the top of the tank. On top of the toilet is a hairdryer (wrapped in a towel), extra toilet paper and facial tissue. Extra glasses are on small shelf on the left side of the sink and toiletries (shampoos, conditioner, body lotions) are on the right side of the sink. Soap is in a dish in front of the toiletries.
Approximately 10 inches above the toilet and toward the sink is an electrical outlet.

The bathtub has a level control for the water and it is in a six o’clock position. Turn clockwise (toward nine o’clock). To activate the shower, there is a pull lever on top of the water spigot.

Make A Green Choice (MAGC) is Starwood’s guest-facing sustainability program in which our guests can choose to help reduce our environmental footprint. Any guest at a participating Starwood property can Make A Green Choice by foregoing full housekeeping for up to three days in a row (excluding their check-out day). For each night a guest opts into MAGC, they receive 250-500 Starpoints or a $5/5€ Food & Beverage voucher, while they save up to 49.2 gallons of water, 0.19 kWh of electricity, 25,000 BTU of natural gas, and 7oz. of cleaning product chemicals per night (may vary by brand & region)

TV Remote
Top Center – Power
Order – Menu
Left – Select – Right
Back – down – Info

Exit – Guide – Help
Reverse – Pause – Forward – Fast Forward

Volume UP – Previous Channel – Channel UP
Volume Down – Mute – Channel Down

1 – 2 – 3
4 – 5 – 6
7 – 8 – 9
CC – 0 – Sleep (will turn TV off in 5 minutes)