Legal Update

Justice Department Announces Agreement with Princeton University

In mid-December, the Justice Department announced that it had resolved a compliance review with Princeton University. The agreement provides information for all of us on policies and practices related to requests for reasonable modifications, withdrawals, and leaves of absence for students with mental health disabilities. Specifically, Princeton has agreed to:

  • revise its policies to explicitly describe:
    • that the university will provide reasonable accommodations in a timely manner;
    • that students with disabilities may request academic accommodations, housing and dining accommodations, modifications to University policies, rules, and regulations; environmental adjustments, such as the removal of architectural, communication, or transportation barriers; and auxiliary aids and services;
    • where students should submit each type of accommodation request; and
    • that the University conducts an individualized assessment of each student to determine whether and what accommodations are reasonable;
  • revise the Office of Disability Services website to include a section entitled “Requesting Modifications to University Policies, Practices, or Procedures” to describe how to make a request and to direct students to additional policies and procedures.
  • revise the Office of the Dean of Undergraduate Students website to direct students with disabilities to policies and procedures related to requesting reasonable accommodations;
  • revise its leave policies and practices; and
  • provide annual training, with a focus on mental health disability discrimination, to all faculty and staff responsible for evaluating/deciding on requests for reasonable accommodations for students.

Additional information is available at