Orlando Hilton Word Maps - Restaurants/Bars

Aside from the 24 hour Market Place located in the Corridor, just west of David’s Club and across from the Lake Meeting Rooms, there are three additional restaurants and one bar in the hotel. In the three restaurants, assistance will be provided from the host(ess) station to your table and exiting from the table and restaurant.

Spencer’s for Chops and Steaks (dinner only)

Located at the southwest corner of the hotel lobby. From (facing [east]) the front desk go to your right (south). On your right (west) will be a carpeted ‘meet and greet’ area. At the end of the ‘meet and greet’ area, turn right (west) and travel to the west end of the lobby. There will also be a carpeted ‘meet and greet’ area on your left (south) wall. At the end of the carpeted areas or the west end of the lobby, turn left south and proceed to the main door of Spencer’s. The host(ess) station is inside on the left and you will be assisted to your table.

Coming from the Conference area to the lobby, as you exit the Corridor (carpet to tile) near the Concierge/Bell Station (on your left), turn right (south) and proceed past the front door (on your right [west]) directly to the front door of Spencer’s.

Coming from the elevator lobbies – there will be a carpet ‘meet and greet’ area across from the elevator lobbies. Turn right (west) and walk past the ‘meet and greet’ area on your left (south) and turn left (south) and proceed directly to the front door of Spencer’s.

Lobby Bar (afternoon/evenings)

The Lobby Bar is located in the Corridor on the north side, just past the Concierge and Bell Station. Coming from the hotel lobby, the floor covering transitions from tile to carpet. On the right (north) side there are three sets of steps (east near the Concierges Desk), west end near David’s Club and one set in the center. At sets of steps have a railing and three steps up. There is a railing that separates the bark from the Corridor. There is no host(ess) station. The bar is located on the back (north) wall and there are tables and chairs between bar and the Corridor with table service.

David’s Club (evenings – opens at 4:00 p.m.)

Located on the north side just past the Lobby Bar. Just past David’s is the hallway (to the right [north]) that goes to the group pick-up and drop off, then the 24 Hour Market. The entrance to David’s has two double doors that open into the hallway and the host(ess) station is on the right inside the door.

The Bistro (breakfast and lunch)

Located on the lower level (LL) of the hotel (not Conference Center), the Bistro can be accessed by the main hotel elevators. As you exit the elevator lobby, you will be traveling south. Immediately on your left (east) is Efora Spa/Fitness Center then the exit doors to the Swimming Pool Area (carpets in front of each of the doors). The wall on the right (west) has a gentle curve that lead past the restrooms on your right (west) and to the entrance of the Bistro on your right. The entrance has double doors that open into the hallway. The host(ess) station is on the left inside the doors. In the southeast corner of the hotel lobby just past the hotel registration desk is the Grand Staircase that goes counter-clockwise down from the lobby to the lower level directly across from the entrance to the Bistro.