Orlando Hilton Word Maps - Conference Meeting Rooms

The conference activities will take place in the Lake Meeting rooms on the main (L – Lobby) level and the lower level (LL) in the convention area. Note – the main hotel elevators do not go to the lower level (LL) of the convention area. Access to the convention lower level is at the west end of the Corridor using the escalators or elevator.

Conference Registration

The conference registration desk will be set up in the Corridor, on the south side past the Lake Meeting Rooms, across from the UPS Store.

Lake Meeting Rooms

Access to the Lake Meeting rooms is on the south side of the corridor across from The Market and there is no distinct landmark other the sounds and aroma from the Market. As you travel west in the corridor (on your right: Lobby Bar, Dave’s Club, hallway to self parking, The Market; on your left: chairs and plants) but staying to the left (south) the hallway will widen significantly. On your left is a hallway that accesses the Lake Meeting rooms. The hallway has basically a north (from the Corridor) south orientation and is approximately 20 feet wide. As you enter the hallway, on your left (east) are two meeting rooms: Lake Lucerne and Lake Highland (Computer Lab). The doors to the rooms are inset approximately six feet and there is a door at each end of the room that open into the hallway. There are more meeting rooms on the east side of the hallway past Lake Highland, but they are not used for conference activities.

On the right side (west) of the hallway are three intersecting hallways with meeting rooms on both sides (north/south) sides of the intersecting hallway. All doors to the rooms are inset approximately 6 feet and the door opens into the hallway. There are two doors, at each side of the room. In the first hallway, on the right (north) are Lake Hart and Lake Concord. On the south side of the first hallway are Lake Down (across from Lake Hart) and Lake George (across from Lake Concord.

Continuing south in the main hallway, the next hallway to the right (west) has two meeting rooms and restrooms. Turning right (west) the first doors on your right (north) are Lake Monroe. At the end of the hallway on the right (north) is the Men’s Restroom. On the south side of the hallway across from Lake Monroe is Lake Florence. At the end of the hallway on the left (south) is the Women’s restroom

Continuing south on your right (west) is the last hallway and there are only two meeting rooms, on the right (east) wall, Lake Virginia and Lake Louise

Lower Level Conference Rooms

The lower level conference area has three meeting rooms (large) [Orange Ballroom A-B-C], General Meetings (Plenary, Banquet) [Orange Ballroom 1-2] and Exhibit Hall [Orange Ballroom 3-4]

To get to the lower level continue west in the corridor past The Market, Destination Essentials (Gift Shop) and the UPS Store and continue to the end of the hallway. On the right side there are three (3) escalators. On the right is down, the center escalator changes direction depending on crowd movement, and the left escalator is up from the lower level. To the left of the escalators are two sets of stairs.

On the south wall before you get to the escalators/stairs is a small hallway with an elevator to the lower level, and an ATM.

At the base of the escalators you will be at the north end of the convention area. The hallway (all carpet) is approximately forty feet wide. On the right (west) is the Orange Ballroom with rooms (from north to south) C – B – A.

On the left (east) is a hallway that access the conference elevator on the left (north) and Restrooms. Past the hallway on the left (east) is the Orlando Ballroom. The second set of doors will access the Exhibit Hall (Ballroom 3). At the south end of the hall on the left (east) are the doors that access Orlando Ballroom 1-2 for the general meetings/banquet. As you enter (from the west) you will be in the back of the room.

At the south end of the hallway are restooms. Women’s on the east side (Orlando Ballroom side) of the hallway and Men’s on the west side.

The area (foyer) between the Orlando and Orange Ballrooms will be used for break sessions.