2017 Product Demos

Wednesday, July 19, 12:45-1:45

Sonocent, LLC

Note-Taking Support: Are We Doing What's Best for the Student?
Kim Oschenbein, Director, Academic Support Center & Disability Services at Maryville College
Dave Tucker, CEO of Sonocent

What is it about effective note-taking strategies that helps students remember so much more of what they hear? Do studies that show the importance of taking notes independently cast doubt on the efficacy of traditional forms of note-taking support? Does digital note-taking technology offer a truly accessible solution?

Sensible Innovations

The next generation of campus way-finding for the visually impaired
Rasha Said, Sensible Innovations

Sensible Innovations utilizes the latest in smart technology, including wayfinding tools, to support students who are visually impaired in navigating university campuses with confidence and ease. Enjoy a demonstration of Aware app using ibeacon technology, learn how it works, and how to overcome technology challenges with examples from real deployments. The future is smart!


Courses and Beyond: Creating inclusive eLearning environments with Blackboard
Scott Ready, Blackboard

At Blackboard, we believe that thinking strategically about inclusivity allows you to make changes that can not only improve the accessibility of your online courses but also increase the overall usability and quality of your online programs. Learn about some of the ways Blackboard partners with institutions to tackle accessibility challenges that exist within eLearning today.


Quality live captioning at scale: how it’s done.
Eileen Hopkins, Ai-Media

Ai-Media is devoted to improving the quality of life for people with disability using technology and social innovation. We create access to content - contributing to a more inclusive world, one word at a time.

Thursday, July 20, 12:45-1:45


How is Technology and Augmented Reality Disrupting Assistive Technology for Blind People?
Marty Watts, Aira
Patrick Lane, Aira
Kevin Phelan, Aira

Learn how Aira is ushering in an exciting new stage in assistive technology through the use of wearable smart glass devices, cutting-edge video, and data streaming technologies to assist blind people in a wide range of daily activities. Augmented reality and artificial intelligence combine to render a new level of personal assistance.

Hawkes Learning

Overcoming Challenges to Web Accessibility in the Publishing Industry
Sarah Musser, Hawkes Learning

Mathematics technologies have historically fallen short in providing all students an interactive learning experience. Hawkes Learning's accessibility team will share breakthroughs, including accessible user-directed graphing, an experience widely deemed not feasible. Learn how Hawkes is reaching beyond technical compliance to improve usability and accessibility. Win $50!

User 1st

Matthew Triner , Managing Director User 1st

Resource and time constraints can make web accessibility for college and university public facing websites and internal web applications extraordinarily difficult to achieve. Learn about these technical challenges and the need for automation in testing and remediation.  


FASTtrack Helps DSS Offices Get Braille Textbooks in Student Hands 2x Faster
Jeff Jullion – Senior Account Manager, Education, T-Base

Learn about FASTtrack, T-Base’s innovative solution that puts braille textbooks in the hands of your students 2x faster than the industry average. VIP membership will be introduced, which offers exclusive benefits such as reserved transcription capacity and 10% off standard pricing for you and your team on all T-Base services.